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Graph showing the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on trade.

7 min read

Ukraine-Russia: Trade Impact Analysis

Heavy sanctions continue to cripple trade between Russia and the Western world as a growing number of companies cease operations in Russia. But...

Chemical manufacturing plant supplying chemical commodities for global trade.

6 min read

East European Trade Dive May Trigger Supply Boon to the Western World

As Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty against the Russian invasion, a plethora of trade dynamics will emerge and trickle through global...

Rubber ducky in a bathtub with a blue background.

5 min read

An Investigation of Plasticizers in 21st Century Value Chains

When the world’s most successful company proclaims the removal of a contentious chemical from its portfolio, it’s wise to wonder if the world will...

Rows of solar panels generating alternative energy.

3 min read

Solar Energy Boom Sparks EVA Capacity Expansions

That the sun is capable of supplying enough solar power to meet all of earth’s annual energy needs by shining for just 90 minutes is a fact that...

International skyline at sunset.

2 min read

China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum: Speakers Announced

This event has been postponed due to pandemic-related restrictions within China. Opportunities and challenges for polyamides and intermediates will...

Graph showing the Global PET and raw materials market in 2022.

2 min read

Profitability in 2022: West Welcomes Sharp Improvement

There is exceptional profitability for products in the polyester chain in Europe and the US today. Heightened local prices and good profits are...

Graph of a capacity chart from OrbiChem360.

2 min read

New OrbiChem360 Feature Improves Access to Plants & Projects Data

Tecnon OrbiChem has added a new feature to the OrbiChem360 business information platform aimed at improving access to Plants & Projects datasets. The...

Conference room where the Polyamide & Intermediates Forum will be held.

1 min read

China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum: Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Event, 6-8 March

+++UPDATE Postponed due to COVID-19 epidemic control restrictions UPDATE+++ The China International Polyamide & Intermediates Forum returns. New...

Graph demonstrating viscose staple fiber production.

4 min read

Cellulosic Fibres - A World of Opportunity

Worldwide demand for fiber has strongly mirrored GDP for many decades. Having closely monitored markets since 1975, Tecnon OrbiChem predicts a...

Close-up of the front side of a white car, representing thermoplastics use.

4 min read

Tecnon OrbiChem: Big Brands Pivot to Engineering Thermoplastics Potential

The petrochemical and polymer industries are amidst a major realignment as companies position themselves for growth with the low carbon/circular...

2 min read

How will new capacities reshape the epoxy resin market in China?

Epoxy resins producers in China have been making good profits since Q4 2017 after a number of producers were shut down following environmental...

Upward shot of a chemical manufacturing plant with sun shining through the top.

3 min read

The Need for Continued Investment in Oil & Gas Industry

As we close another year, it’s good to be reminded of the unceasing relevance of the petrochemicals sector and the oil and gas supplies that underpin...