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The industry benchmark for commercial intelligence in the chemical market.

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Our platform provides:

  • Unparalleled access to comprehensive data, insights, and analysis that optimize your business performance and profitability
  • Ways to grow and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving chemical industry
  • Understanding of complex global chemical supply chains and better budgeting through uncertain times

Unbiased Data

Optimized decision-making, empowered with our independent, third-party, expert information across industries, including petrochemicals, fibers, plastics, and biomaterials. 

The Core of our Chemical Services and Solutions

Datasets in our chemicals data and market intelligence platform OrbiChem360 are supplemented with over 30,000 statistics weekly. They cover price points, import/export volumes globally as well as capacity at producer, country, regional and global level, and production outputs.

Setting the Industry Benchmark for Commercial Intelligence in Chemicals

Unlock New Opportunities for Growth  

Orbichem360 equips your company with the power to embrace emerging opportunities driven by additional capacity needs or innovative processes.

You can explore the potential to enter expanding markets or uncover new opportunities that yield better results.

By taking an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) perspective, our platform helps you effectively navigate the public's ever-evolving sustainability aspirations, ensuring your brand stays ahead of the curve. 


Unveil Current and Historical Pricing Data  

We deliver current and historical pricing data at your fingertips. Our platform adds new levels of functionality and performance, presenting you with a data-rich business tool on a single medium. 


Empower Effective Budgeting in Uncertain Times  

We are your interactive guide to better budgeting during periods of uncertainty.  We enable businesses to optimize decision-making across various industries, including petrochemicals, fibers, plastics, and biomaterials.  


Chemical Portfolio

Chemicals we cover:

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