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Pricing, Mill Intelligence, Analytics, and Strategic Consulting for the Forest Products Value Chain

The forest products industry is in a constant state of change.  


Supply Disruptions


Demand Changes


Price Volatility



Eliminate Uncertainty with Commodity Intelligence

The counterbalance to uncertainty caused by the unpredictable demand patterns, global supply chain disruptions, difficult geopolitical situations, and the Covid-19 pandemic is business intelligence.  

Built from deep data and expertise, business intelligence from ResourceWise turns this complex market uncertainty into in-depth insight and strategy. We can help you leverage your strengths and opportunities and mitigate your supply chain, operational and environmental risks.  

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Our Solutions

Commodity Pricing

  • Stumpage Prices – North America
  • Delivered Log and Wood Fiber Prices – North America
  • Lumber Prices
  • Recycled Fiber – North America OCC (expanding to other grades and regions)
  • Global Wood Fiber, Sawlog, Lumber, Market Pulp and Pellet Pricing


  • Stumpage Price Forecasts – US South
  • Delivered Log and Wood Fiber Forecasts
  • Market Behavior Predictions (including price, price turning points and key drivers)
  • Macroeconomic Indicators


  • Price Benchmarks (with Cost Components)– North America Logs and Wood Fiber
  • Price Benchmarks – Global Sawlog Price Index, European Sawlog Price Index (ESPI), Global Softwood Fiber Index (SFPI), and Global Hardwood Fiber Index (HFPI)
  • Pulp and Paper Benchmarks – Mill Cost, Environmental Flows (Carbon, Water, and Energy), End-product Destination, and Asset Quality and Viability Indexes 
  • Mill-to-Mill Benchmarks for Sawmills and Pulp and Paper Mills 
  • Recycled Fiber
  • Cost Curves 

Pulp, Paper and Corrugator CRM

  • Ownership and Contact Information (every pulp and paper company in the world producing 50+ tpd) 
  • Asset Data (process equipment and control systems and mill configurations) 

News and Insights

  • Pulp and Paper Industry News
  • Global Forest Supply Chain Commentary

Trade Data and Flows

  • Import and Export Data and Visualizations -- Hardwood Chips, Softwood Chips, Market Pulp and Pellets

Forest Product Industry Commodity Intelligence Platforms

ResourceWise's powerful, intuitive business intelligence platforms leverage our deep historical databases covering prices and other market trends. Our expertise stems from the experience of our legacy companies in providing the most accurate market data available.

Our goal is to supply the data and advice you need to lead your organization directly to the most effective action.



Forest Products Value Chain

Forestat Global complements our existing platforms while providing you with a comprehensive, enhanced view of the market, with no data contribution required. 


Pulp and Paper

FisherSolve is a robust platform for pulp and paper professionals, providing data and information on the operations of every pulp and paper mill in the world.



Forest Supply Chain 

SilvaStat360 is a flexible, intuitive business intelligence platform for professionals in the forest products supply chain, providing pricing and mill-to-mill benchmarking.



Global Forest Supply Chain and Insights

WoodMarket Prices is an online platform covering prices, trade data, and commentary about market trends in global forest products markets.

Who We Help

We develop and refine our services to support a wide range of businesses and stakeholders in the forest products industry worldwide.


  • Timberland owners, managers and investors
  • Lumber and other wood products manufacturers
  • Pulp, paper, and packaging producers and suppliers 
  • Industrial wood pellet, biofuels, and biochemicals producers, buyers, and investors
  • Corrugated packaging producers and suppliers 
  • Recycled paper generators, collectors, and buyers
  • Consumer packaged goods producers and retailers


Leveraged Consulting

Secure your strategic advantage.

We specialize in leveraged consulting, helping clients quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies before making significant investments.

Our experts provide insights and solutions to address our client's challenges with speed and effectiveness.

ResourceWise excels at helping customers optimize their businesses for environmental and financial success.

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges.

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