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Powering petrochemical businesses with data and analytics since 1976.


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We provide data and analytics to help businesses make better decisions. 

Our expertise helps companies become more efficient and take advantage of future developments. Our business intelligence platform, OrbiChem360, provides infographics and visualizations of chemical trade flows, price trends, and global predictions.
We leverage close to half a century of data and analysis with independent third-party information, used by chemical producers and consumers, financial institutions, and government agencies. 

We help businesses in the petrochemical, fibers, plastics, and biomaterials sectors make better decisions about planning, business development, new products, mergers, acquisitions, or divestments.

OrbiChem360 Business Intelligence

OrbiChem360's detailed pricing data and analysis of a wide range of chemical markets is a standard guide for buyers and sellers of chemicals. Longer-term reporting on chemicals' market development offers vision to strategic planners, allowing them to position their companies for continuing success.

  • OrbiChem360 provides detailed and comprehensive insights into markets and prices and developments in the commercialization of chemicals, polymers, and fibers.
  • Our platform empowers buyers, sellers, marketers, commercial planners, and company executives to make informed decisions.
  • Our services, aimed at immediate commercial needs, are accompanied by supply-demand analyses aimed at supplying deeply researched data in support of long-term planning.

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Intelligence-led solutions for the petrochemical industry

We provide specialist advisory services to the petrochemical industry, drawing on over 40 years of experience from our legacy company, Tecnon OrbiChem. We help chemical companies assess risks and opportunities and develop strategies that will help them succeed. We offer services such as project evaluation, investment appraisal, strategic consulting, and risk management. 

Chemical Portfolio

ResourceWise Chemicals provides price and market analysis for over 70 chemicals, covering a wide range of chemical families. Whether you are a producer, consumer, or trader, we have a solution to benefit your company. 

Chemicals we cover: 

consulting-icon-transparencyLeveraged Consulting

Secure your strategic advantage. 

Businesses are keenly aware of the current challenges presented by globally competitive markets and are exploring potential opportunities arising from the push toward sustainable solutions and reduced environmental impact.

We help businesses resolve supply chain challenges by enabling quick decision-making thanks to its fully digital and highly visual chemicals data intelligence platform OrbiChem360. We have monitored chemical, petrochemical and polymer market trends since the 1970s. This includes analysis of the key factors impacting its markets. Global energy costs and capacity additions – and how they shape the future of petrochemicals and chemicals.

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges. 

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