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Leveraging more than seven decades of combined experience in chemical market analytics.

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Unmatched Expertise, Time-Tested Excellence

ResourceWise is dedicated to delivering accurate and actionable insights, leveraging more than seven decades of combined experience in chemical market analytics.

We blend seasoned experience with a forward-thinking approach, empowering companies to understand the factors shaping the chemical market landscape to mitigate risk, improve profitability, and uncover new opportunities.

Our proprietary data and expert analysis are trusted by chemical producers and consumers, financial institutions, and government agencies around the world.

We help businesses in the petrochemical, fibers, plastics, and biomaterials sectors make better decisions about planning, business development, new products, mergers, acquisitions, or divestments.


Our chemical market intelligence solutions deliver timely and precise proprietary data and commentary on user-friendly online platforms. Customers gain access to carefully curated, in-depth datasets available in interactive tables and visualizations, streamlining market analysis and reporting. chemical trade flows, price trends, and global predictions.


Launching Spring 2024

Introducing ChemEdge360, our latest intelligence platform, delivering a wealth of current and historical data on petrochemical price, production, and supply and demand. With unbiased data curated from a wide range of trusted industry sources, ChemEdge360 will provide customers with invaluable insights on glycols and derivatives, methanol, and solvents.

ChemEdge360 subscriptions will also include a unique alert service notifying customers of important news—such as plant outages or price announcements—as it happens, so they can keep their finger on the pulse of market events that may impact their business.


OrbiChem360's detailed pricing data and analysis of a wide range of chemical markets is a standard guide for buyers and sellers of chemicals. Long-term reporting on chemicals' market development offers vision to strategic planners, allowing them to position their companies for continuing success.

Detailed and comprehensive insights into markets, prices, and developments in the commercialization of chemicals, polymers, and fibers, empowering buyers, sellers, marketers, commercial planners, and company executives to make informed decisions.

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Chemical Portfolio

ResourceWise Chemicals provides price and market analysis for over 70 chemicals, covering a wide range of chemical families. Whether you are a producer, consumer, or trader, we have a solution to benefit your company. 

Chemicals we cover: 

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Secure your strategic advantage. 

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges. 

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In today's fiercely competitive global markets, businesses are actively navigating challenges and exploring opportunities amidst the growing emphasis on sustainable solutions and reduced environmental impact.

ResourceWise specializes in advisory services tailored for companies in the chemical industry, assisting them in evaluating risks, identifying opportunities, and formulating strategies for sustained success. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of services, including project evaluation, investment appraisal, strategic consulting, and risk management.

Our focus extends beyond immediate commercial needs, providing in-depth supply-demand analyses that furnish meticulously researched data. This data serves as a foundation for strategic planning, facilitating informed decision-making to address complex business challenges.

Notably, our expertise spans the monitoring of chemical, petrochemical, and polymer market trends for decades. This comprehensive analysis encompasses key factors shaping these markets, including global energy costs and capacity additions. Our insights empower businesses to anticipate and shape the future of the chemicals industry.

Choose ResourceWise for unparalleled consulting services, where expertise meets strategic foresight.

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