Empowering Informed Business Decisions across the Forest Products Value Chain




Seize Profit-Generating Potential

Introducing Forestat Global, our latest business intelligence platform delivering market data and analytics for forest products. Forestat Global puts robust, on-demand data right at your fingertips, so you don’t have to wait for reports to get the insights you need.  

Not only does Forestat Global complement our existing offerings, but it also provides you with a distinctive and enhanced view of the market, with no data contribution required. By combining a distinct subset of data from our suite of business intelligence platforms with new and distinct datasets, Forestat Global delivers an enriched understanding of the market landscape. 

A Comprehensive View of the Forest Products Market

The extensive nature of the data and analytics available in Forestat Global provides an comprehensive view of forest products markets.




With Forestat Global, You Can

  • Gain high-level views of market economics by product/region, including:

    • Pricing, cost, and margins
    • Site level capacity, operating rates, and production
    • Demand
    • Trends in these areas over time
  • Analyze operating rates and margins by major grade and region
  • Calculate the margin at each stage in the value chain to identify areas of profit opportunity
  • Forecast changes based on key supply chain drivers  

Why Choose Forestat Global?


Broadest View of the Market 

Data and analytics spanning the forest products value chain


Valuable Insights 

Guide your strategic decision-making process, maximize profitability, reduce costs, and minimize risks 



Trustworthy and Accurate

Confidently assess opportunities and make strategic decisions


Enhanced Transparency  

Eliminate uncertainties and surprises with visibility into the forest products supply chain


Intuitive, and User-Friendly 

Get the information you need quickly and easily

prediction icon

Predictive Information

Inform effective forecasting of price changes and market fluctuations

A Platform for Diverse Stakeholders 

Forestat Global bridges the information gap for a diverse range of stakeholders.



  • TIMOs, REITs, and Timberland Owners 
  • Pulp and Paper Producers
  • Lumber and other Wood Products Manufacturers 
  • Suppliers and Converters 
  • Packaging End Users and Brands
  • Investors and Analysts
  • Higher Education, Government Entities, and Associations 

Are you ready to revolutionize your business decisions with Forestat Global?  

Launching Fall 2023

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