About ResourceWise

ResourceWise was founded in 2022 to unify three companies — Forest2Market, Fisher International and Tecnon OrbiChem — and to serve as the parent brand of other companies that are acquired by the group going forward. Later in 2022, the company also acquired Wood Resources International and PRIMA.

The companies in the ResourceWise portfolio focus on a robust range of natural-resource-based commodity industries. These include forest products, pulp & paper, chemicals and low carbon feedstocks and fuels. We are also actively seeking opportunities to serve additional industries within the natural resources sector in the future.

For more than a decade, our legacy brands have focused on one mission: to help our customers make exponentially better decisions by providing them with the most accurate data and analytics available in the market. We supplement this objective with high-value strategic consulting based on our real-world data and our decades of collective industry experience.

Looking toward the future, ResourceWise is committed to helping businesses in the transition toward sustainability and renewables. Because the markets we serve are complex, volatile and energy-intensive, we are helping our customers pivot toward lower carbon, renewable solutions while remaining competitive in their industries.

A proven history of expertise and solutions to inspire better performance.

Tecnon OrbiChem is founded.
Wood Resources International (WRI) is founded.
Fisher International is founded.
Forest2Market is founded.
PRIMA Markets is founded.
Forest2Market and Fisher International merge.
ResourceWise launched, uniting companies under one brand and focusing on sustainability and profitability in commodity manufacturing markets.
Tecnon OrbiChem merges with Forest2Market and Fisher International.
ResourceWise acquires Wood Resources International. Owner Håkan Ekström joins the ResoureWise team.
ResourceWise acquires PRIMA. Matthew Stone joins leadership team.