Renewable Fuels

Lower carbon pathways to a more climate-friendly future.

The Clean Energy Transition

The pressure on companies from legislation and consumers to lower their carbon emissions will continue to grow rapidly between now and 2030. Net zero is now the goal of more and more major companies.

At the same time, carbon offsets are being called into question as to whether they are an effective source of emissions reduction.

Choose Biofuels Not Carbon Credits

Make Change Don't Buy It
Instead of buying change with carbon credits or tickets, companies are increasingly making change by transitioning to low-carbon transport fuels, decarbonizing logistics and mitigating supply chain emissions.

Mapping a Business Plan for Decarbonization:
The Problem of Starting Now

It's one thing to know you have to decarbonize; however, it's another thing to know how. 

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Who We Support

We develop and refine our services to support a wide range of businesses.

Feedstock producers
Renewable fuel producers
Fuel and agricultural traders
Financials and bankers


Price Benchmarks We Track

We publish price benchmarks for a range of commodities as new biofuels emerge.

UCOME & UCO (US, Europe, Asia)
Yellow Grease
White Grease
Corn Oil
Vegetable Oils


Other Areas of Coverage

Carbon Mitigator report
Global Biofuels mandates
European obligated party tickets
LCFS prices
RIN Counts
Biodiesel and HVO plants and capacity


Our solution provides pricing, benchmarks, and commentary in the platform


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Daily Low Carbon Markets



Weekly Analytics

Green Diesel Europe
International Ethanol
Green Diesel North America
Green Diesel South America
International Vegetable Oils
Prima Carbon Mitigator

Market Analytics

North American Certificates
Prima Analyst View
Global Plants Database
Global Trade Fundamentals
Global Biofuel Mandates
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Strategic Decarbonization Consulting

We offer custom consulting services on all aspects of the low-carbon renewable fuels industry, including government mandates, forecasting, feedstock feasibility studies, the HVO and renewable diesel market, and pathways to decarbonization and carbon mitigation.

Past work includes:
  • Sustainability and ESG in the transport sector
  • How to move up the value chain in low carbon
  • Supply and demand of global renewable diesel
  • How to Invest in the transport decarbonization
  • European and US fuel compliance tickets markets
  • Feedstock research projects
  • Supply and demand analyticsCro
  • Worldwide clean fuels programs
  • Advisory services for renewable diesel feedstocks, sustainability, and ESG
  • Logistics decarbonization calculations for ESG purposes

Find out how Prima CarbonZero help reduce your carbon footprint. 

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Who is Prima Markets?

Prima Markets, a ResourceWise company, focuses on the relationship between biofuels, energy, and agricultural markets in its unique BI platform. The data is widely used in trade and investment decisions for low-carbon fuel and feedstock markets, indexing physical contracts, and as a financial settlement instrument in listed swap futures.