Strategic consulting

In capital-intensive commodity industries, the decisions made day in and day out can have far-reaching consequences. Being more purposeful in deciding how to best utilize your assets can help you gain tremendous advantages in efficiency, productivity,  profitability, and sustainability.


Secure strategic advantage through leveraged consulting

The ResourceWise leveraged consulting approach serves clients who must quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies in advance of major investment decisions. As one of our consultants puts it: “The lion’s share of a traditional consulting project is consumed by research and assembling data before the analytical work and insight can begin. By contrast, leveraged consulting means we can begin the substantive work on day one of a project because the data and analytic models are available in our business intelligence platforms."

This intelligence is backed by a global team of researchers, modelers, database designers, industry experts, and business analysts. Consequently, we can provide insights and answers to our client's challenges, delivering on our commitment more quickly and effectively.  

Our Areas of Expertise

Independent third-party sources of strategic advice

Fisher Consulting supports paper industry strategy development and implementation. We work with producers, suppliers, investors and end-users focusing on M&A, capital investment, product development, asset repurposing, market entry, sales and marketing strategy, and other important decision-making.

Tecnon OrbiChem provides its wide-ranging expertise to assist clients in optimising new chemical ventures. Tecnon OrbiChem's petrochemical consulting covering olefins to orthoxylene, aromatics to anhydrides, and caprolactam to carpet fibres, puts clients in the best position to make the right decisions for profitable business development.

Forest2Market supports the global forest and forest products industry with strategic capital allocation decisions. We work with suppliers, manufacturers, project developers, investors, and end-users, providing due diligence and capital allocation decisions, including mergers, acquisitions, new project initiation and financing.

Wood Resources International, LLC, an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm, has successfully completed more than 200 consulting assignments in over 35 countries worldwide by using an interdisciplinary approach that combines product/market expertise within a broader global strategic context. The company is committed to continuing it’s international consulting services to the pulp and wood products industries by focusing on it’s area of expertise: on-site evaluations of forest resources and forest products industries worldwide, wood raw-material flows (wood chips and logs), and forest products trade and markets worldwide.

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges

The ResourceWise consulting team is known throughout pulp and paper, forest products and chemical markets for its extensive industry expertise. Our experienced consultants and analysts leverage precise and comprehensive data, astute analytic models, and trusted market independence to address unique, complex, and ever-changing business challenges.


Consulting Project Examples

  • Investment strategy
  • Due diligence for proposed investment projects
  • Supply and demand analyses and price forecasts
  • Market assessments
  • Modeling and risk assessments
  • Raw material procurement strategy assessment
  • Asset evaluations
  • Policy interpretation and explanation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Market entry support
  • Price/margin evaluation and forecasting
  • Environmental audits