Our expertise covers a comprehensive range of chemicals and intermediates within the petrochemicals, fibres, plastics and bio-materials sectors.

Tecnon OrbiChem, a ResourceWise company, provides independent, third-party, expert information to chemical producers and consumers, financial institutions and government agencies. They use that data, analytics and information to optimise their strategic and commercial decisions, for planning and business development, product diversification and mergers, and acquisitions or divestments.

Tecnon OrbiChem provides the highest quality data, insight and expertise to those in the petrochemical, fibres, plastics, and biomaterials industries to enable them to make informed decisions in support of more profitable and sustainable growth.

There are over 70 chemicals in the Tecnon OrbiChem portfolio, so wherever you are in the value chain, we have a solution to benefit your company. Here are the chemical families we cover:

Acetic Acid • Vinyl Acetate

For polyester fibres, PET bottles, food, pharma, paints, coatings and adhesives

Acrylic Acid & Acrylate Esters

Makes diapers superabsorbent and is key to coatings, adhesives and sealants

Benzene, toluene and isomers of xylenes – the ortho-, meta- and paraxylenes also known as BTX chemicals
Bio-materials & Intermediates
Renewable carbon-based technologies to boost your value chain’s eco-profile
Caustic soda

Bringing alkalinity to industries including pulp & paper, soap & detergents


Chlorine & Derivatives

Polycarbonate, isocyanates, epichlorohydrin and PVC precursor vinyl chloride monomer

Engineering Thermoplastics

Polyamide resins and filaments for emerging mass manufacturing and 3D print paradigms

Epoxy Resins & Co-Reactants

An extreme application coating in wind power, shipping and pipes, but also an effective FCM additive - a diverse feedstock

Ethylene Glycols; EO & EO Derivatives

For producing glycols MEG, DEG and TEG for use in antifreeze, polyester fibres and PET packaging or plastics applications

Fibres & Intermediates


Includes natural and/or plant-based; the chemically synthesised and blends of both - materials that matter

Maleic Anhydride •
1,4-BDO & Derivatives

From additives for food and lubricants to use in unsaturated polyester resins, two versatile chemical feedstocks

Orthoxylene • Phthalic Anhydride

From orthoxylenes to phthalic anhydride, then into additives that give plastics flexibility

Phenol • Acetone & Derivatives

Phenol is a feedstock for detergents, herbicides and pharma, and acetone is key to bisphenol A

Plasticisers • Oxo-Alcohols

Key to wires and cables, faux leather and wallpaper applications, butanol feeds into acrylates too

Polyamide & Intermediates

From ladies’ stockings to automobile components, nylon finds wide uses as a polymerisation

Polyester & Intermediates

Feedstock for textiles and packaging products, they draw on the same raw material sources

Polyurethanes & Intermediates

From rigid to flexible foams and coatings to specialty adhesives, sealants and elastomers


High, low or linear polyethylene, sectors including moulding and extrusion use polyolefin products


The essential building block materials: Ethylene, propylene and butadiene made from olefins

UP Resin

Using phthalic and maleic anhydrides, isophthalic acid, styrene monomer and glycols, UPR mirrors GDP