Biofuel and Sustainable Feedstock Pricing and Analytics Platform

Pricing and analytics for organizations that produce, trade, and invest in low-carbon fuels and feedstocks.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

Prima CarbonZero is an intuitive platform that delivers comprehensive data and expertise. Mapping a real-life strategy toward zero carbon emissions is a critical aspect of our collective investment in a sustainable future.

Your organization needs to actively invest in low carbon efforts. Prima CarbonZero can give you a competitive advantage and is your solution for your best foot forward.

Prima CarbonZero's Unique Value

The Prima Carbon Mitigator provides critical data to support the transition to zero carbon emissions. Insights and reports from the Prima team give you the expertise you need to make decisions with confidence.

  • The first report that compiles all visible opportunities, creating an in-depth macro view of the renewables market.
  • Make informed decisions based on a full understanding of the market.
  • Stay up to date on new decarbonized fuel alternatives available.
  • Get key information to understand if your business is on track to hit corporate decarbonization targets.

Learn more about Prima Carbon Mitigator’s weekly analytics report, available through Prima CarbonZero

  • Daily price reporting on biofuels, renewable feedstocks, and climate tickets includes a wide range of current and historical biofuel data from advanced biodiesel to waste and crop vegetable oil.
  • Expert analysis that provides detailed insight on market drivers and their impact on pricing trends.
  • Spot and future prices provide forecasts for improved short- and long-term strategizing.
Renewable Diesel, Ethanol, and Vegetable Oils
  • Weekly analytics delivers pricing data with week-over-week percentage change on European, North American, and South American Green Diesel as well as international ethanol and vegetable oils.
  • Inform your trade and investment decisions with spot and futures prices and spreads on everything from crop/edible feedstocks to ethanol.

Market Analytics provides a wealth of knowledge, information, and intelligence on all vital areas in the low-carbon market.

  • North American Certificates: Market data and analysis on renewable identification number (RIN) credits
  • Global Biofuel Mandates: Interactive maps and tables displaying European and North American biofuel mandates with summaries of mandate characteristics
  • Global Plants Database: Index of worldwide biofuel and HVO plants that can be filtered by product, geography, feedstocks, capacity, and technology used in production
  • Global Trade Fundamentals: The global trade wheel allows you to track specific export data at a country-to-country level for laser-targeted data points across the global marketplace

How Our Platform Helps


Gain access to extensive data to lead your decarbonization strategy.

Fuel your investment and trading strategies with timely, comprehensive renewable fuel market data backed by deep industry knowledge.


View and interact with low-carbon fuel data anywhere.

Stay ahead of the curve with anytime, anywhere access to low-carbon fuel market data in one easy-to-use online platform.


Customize information based on your bioenergy data needs.

Get the information you need fast with the ability to save filters on tables and charts. Export data in a variety of presentation- and report-ready formats or export to Excel for additional analysis.

You can even work with our team of experts to custom-fit your data to get the most essential and relevant information for your organization


Why Choose Prima CarbonZero

Map Data and Mine Analytics

Build an effective strategy to drive your energy transition. 

Follow Market Intelligence

Inform business decisions like where to invest in new capacity.

Evaluate Global Pricing Relationships

Monitor feedstock prices to adjust trade contracts against benchmarks.

Identify Potential Suppliers/Customers

Access our global plant database.

Monitor Supply and Demand

Keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing international supply and demand balance with trade trend data.

Track Policies and Mandates

Understand how they impact markets, trading, and strategy.

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