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Supplier CRM for the Pulp and Paper Industry


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Increase Sales, Efficiency, and Profitability with Our CRM Solution.

Pulp and paper professionals deserve a CRM system that meets their unique needs and maximizes sales potential. Traditional CRM tools fail to provide industry-specific information and address the complexities of the pulp and paper industry's sales and marketing processes.

Purpose-built for the pulp and paper sector. Our revolutionary CRM solution offers:

  • High-quality marketplace data.
  • Tailored tools for a big impact on efficiency and profitability.

Every sales campaign matters.

Traditional CRMs typically employ a one-size-fits-all approach, failing to provide industry-specific information and structural support for deeper insights. Selling to large manufacturing plants requires detailed information about plant layout, equipment, raw materials, and manufacturing costs, which traditional out-of-the-box CRM systems cannot handle.

In the pulp and paper industry, every sales campaign is critical due to large and infrequent sales. These B2B engagements involve significant financial stakes, necessitating high-quality data accuracy and scope. Collecting, entering, and maintaining the vast amount of data needed for each customer becomes impractical for sales teams.

Industry-Specific Information for Enhanced Value

With our next-gen industrial CRM system, FisherSolve's iCRM Suite, you get:

  • A Pulp and Paper industry-specific CRM designed to meet specific needs.
  • Seamless integration with corporate-wide ERP systems for easy implementation and support.
  • Rich, high-quality data, enabling users to measure performance in market terms and make data-driven decisions.
  • A personalized and adapted system, freeing salespeople from the burden of master data management for increased focus on core business.

Fisher CRM Integration Offering

Integrate data from FisherSolve into your ERP systems with our CRM solution. This integration enables deeper insights into customers, markets, and competitors, which helps improve organizational effectiveness, customer value communication, and strategic allocation of resources.

Powerful Features and Functionality

FisherSolve's CRM Suite is a modular product that includes several functional areas tailored to meet your high-level objectives and requirements:

  • Add custom site attributes to enrich your data and increase your subscription value. Associate various elements, such as organizational hierarchy, unique customer codes, and site value levels.
  • CRM helps sales teams prepare, plan, and document client engagements, enabling your organization to institutionalize knowledge and improve effectiveness. This includes features for appointments and tasks, interactions, and opportunities.
  • Link transaction data for better market and customer segmentation, allowing you to identify the best opportunities and mitigate risks. CRM integrates sales history, sales forecast, market share, mill nets, production cost, shipment and payment data, and lead time information.
  • Improve your customer-facing team's effectiveness by aligning with customer KPIs. This includes calculators, installations, consumption tracking, business cases, and competitor tracking.
  • We provide a single repository for all support materials needed to articulate your solutions' value effectively with product sheets, price lists, document management, and external feeds.

Take Advantage of FisherSolve's CRM Suite Today

With our comprehensive CRM solution tailored for the pulp and paper industry, you can unlock the potential of your data and empower your sales teams to achieve greater efficiency, increase sales, and drive profitability. FisherSolve's CRM Suite offers unmatched capabilities to support your business growth.

Contact us today to learn more about how FisherSolve's CRM Suite can revolutionize your business! Let’s work together to enhance your performance, so you can gain a strategic advantage in the industry.

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