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Trade data is essential for understanding how commodities move across global markets. It provides valuable insights into the import and export of resources on an international scale. 



Importance of Trade Data

Understanding trade data and their impact on respective markets is crucial. By following trade data organizations can:

  • Identify opportunities
  • Improve market performance and outcomes
  • Enhance business strategy
  • Maximize your earning potential

ResourceWise simplifies trade flow analysis by providing interactive visualization tools across our data intelligence platforms.



Why Trade Data Matters 

Over the past several years, global trade has undergone significant changes due to various factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, international conflicts, and the impacts of climate change. These events have affected commodity markets including forest products, chemicals, and biofuels, altering the movement of resources across international borders.  

In addition, data conflicts can arise from inaccurate reporting. For example, transshipment hubs impacted by local, regional, or global events may underreport the volume of resource imports and exports. Trade flow analysis can help identify these anomalies providing a clearer picture of global trade. 

How We Track International Trade Flows 

ResourceWise goes beyond traditional spreadsheets by providing expert data and insights presented in user-friendly visual formats. 

Our databases hold tens of thousands of real-world data points that power our platforms, allowing you to track trends, shifts, and market movements for resources that matter to your business. 

Our interactive trade flow wheel shows a country-to-country breakdown of resource movement. Select specific countries to access price and volume metrics, with the ability to mirror reporting of import and export trading dynamics.

Our platforms provide a broad range of historical and current data for trend analysis and reporting. Platforms are automatically updated with the newest information as soon as it becomes available. 

Customize your view using custom filters. Choose source type, date range, region/country, and currency to create personalized views. Save filters for quick access to trade data that matters most.

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Enhancing your knowledge of global trade can significantly impact your business outcomes. Our robust trade data provides the intelligence and insights you need to gain a competitive edge in your strategic planning and decision-making. 

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