Timberland Management Solutions

Seeing Both the Forest and the Trees. 


Capital allocation decisions require accurate data, high levels of supply chain expertise and independent, third-party advice.

We use our proprietary data, years of supply chain expertise and in-depth knowledge of global wood-consuming industries to assist clients with a range of capital allocation decisions, including timberland acquisitions, sales, and financing. 


Projects we support

  • Proposed investment projects
  • Development of business strategies
  • Detailed research on aspects of the forest products market
  • Due diligence assignments on behalf of buyers, sellers, and financial institutions

Timber Supply Analysis 360

Comprehensive datasets to improve decision-making for businesses in the forest value chain. We provide fresh data on regional timber growth, inventory, and harvests.

Timber Supply Analysis 360 is the only product that offers a full-spectrum view of this data in a single platform.

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Carbon Analysis 360

Carbon Analysis 360 offers a full-spectrum view of carbon metrics for timberland owners, pulp, paper, or wood product manufacturers, and importers/exporters of US wood raw materials.

Access landscape-level data in a single platform with detailed metrics on carbon in US forests for precise carbon storage data for ESG Reporting, meeting sustainability criteria, and certification schema.

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Stumpage 360 Database

Stumpage 360 database provides comprehensive sales details and product data for actual timber sales throughout the US South. This information can be used for anything from buying or selling timber, planning a harvest, brokering a timber sale, or tracking the value of timber over time.

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Leveraged Consulting

Secure your strategic advantage.

We specialize in leveraged consulting, helping clients quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies before making significant investments.

Our experts provide insights and solutions to address our client's challenges with speed and effectiveness.

ResourceWise excels at helping customers optimize their businesses for environmental and financial success.

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges.

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