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A graph showing how US and European methanol price compare, but as it emerges that there will be a shortage of methanol in Europe from 2025.

4 min read

Chemicals Plant Closures: A Decade of Decimation

When plants producing feedstocks for intermediates and end products idle—or shut down completely—during economic downturns, the impacts are not...

Pictures of a dozen oleochemicals uses shown in small round circles around a title oleochemicals applications.

3 min read

Oleochemicals: Uses in 21st Century Manufacturing Supply Chains

A decade ago, a unique concept car built using eco-friendly polyols by a 185-year-old US-based company left some sector participants scratching their...

A tornado and lightning against the backdrop of a gloomy hits a village scene.

4 min read

Hurricane Season and Chemicals Supply Chains

The US hurricane season brings heightened levels of uncertainty to chemicals supply chains. Right now, it is Hurricane Beryl that industry eyes are...

A partial breakdown of gycerine trade flows out of Indonesia and around the world in 2023.

7 min read

Oleochemicals, Renewable Resources from Nature: An Introduction

Oleochemical is a term derived from the Latin oleum, meaning olive oil. But, like much inherited Latin, it is a misleading collective noun for the...

A line graph showing the price gap between paraxylene bought and sold in the United States compared to West Europe and Asia.

5 min read

Paraxylene Price Points: Forecasting from Firm Foundations

In today’s money, the first comprehensive world market paraxylene survey ever published would set a buyer back US$33,000. In fact, it was the...

A white plastic container bearing the words 'the future of plastics' positioned on top of a tree leaf on a table.

4 min read

The Graduate 2024: One Word 'Plastics', Now Two—Lignins and PEF

The famous line about “Plastics” from the 1967 film The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, continues to enjoy iconic status...

A pile of electronic waste including a monitor, phones and other technology.

8 min read

Exploring Solvents and Adhesives in a World Fixated with Disassembly

Thousands of years ago—it is thought—Neanderthals used birch bark tree tar (Betula) for primitive dentistry applications. Last year, it was...

An advertising image for an event which shows the photographs of the team attending from ResourceWise and text about the event as well as a map of the venue's location.

3 min read

Expert Team for APIC 2024: Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference

The last time our team convened with chemicals industry experts and market participants at the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference was 2019. This...

Vivid green lighting reflects off chemical plant storage tanks located beside renewable energy sources at night.

4 min read

Sustainability in the European Chlor-alkali Industry

Historically, the chlor-alkali process is one with numerous environmental and health concerns since the diaphragm cell process and mercury cell...

Representation of AI tools in the chemicals industry.

5 min read

Artificial Intelligence and the Chemical Supply Chains of the Future

The benefits that automated process and artificial intelligence (AI) bring to chemistry laboratories and chemical engineering development are...

Delegates at the 26th World Chlor-Alkali Conference in Singapore in 2023.

5 min read

A World Chlor-Alkali Conference in Energy Turbulent Times

Planning and preparation for the 27th World Chlor-Alkali Conference is in hand. ResourceWise (formerly Tecnon OrbiChem) and partner I•C•I•S, who...

Close up of a brass compass

4 min read

10 Essential Steps for Navigating the Methanol Market

The methanol market has been evolving at an unprecedented pace, with stakeholders encountering various opportunities and challenges from regulatory,...