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Comprehensive Database for Forest Supply Chain Management 

SilvaStat360 is the one-stop solution for all your forest supply chain data needs, a convenient repository of datasets and analytical tools that are essential to your success in the industry.

What We Provide

Forest Industry Analytics

We maintain the most current, robust, and relevant set of analytical tools available to help members of the forest products industry better compete in today’s global business environment.

Graph depicting data and analytics.

Customizable Tools

We leverage a series of customizable tools that combine the power of our transaction data, official data from government agencies, and the strength of our supply chain expertise.

Business intelligence for commodities industry.

Optimized Supply Chain

SilvaStat360 provides the data you need for an optimized supply chain and improved financial and environmental outcomes, with sawtimber and wood fiber pricing, mill-to-mill benchmarks, customized industry analytics, forest inventory, carbon storage, and precipitation data.


How Our Platform Helps

Access millions of rows of data in one intuitive platform. 

Get extensive, on-demand timber market data at your fingertips. With SilvaStat360, you get a deep understanding of the market to make better business decisions about pricing, supply chain operations, and other strategic initiatives.


Get the information you need quickly. 

Provides flexibility so you can visualize and analyze the data in ways that are most beneficial to you. Save search filters, download datasets, customize images, and print charts. Power your decision-making with instantaneous unit, grade scale, and currency conversions. 


Assess your performance with global benchmarking. 

Get the market intelligence needed to increase performance and profit margins. Regional timber market datasets allow for international indexing and global benchmarking so you can compare your performance to your peers worldwide. 


Explore transaction-level timber market data. 

SilvaStat360 delivers the only comprehensive timber price dataset collected at the transaction level. This transactional data provides a full-spectrum view of market dynamics and includes detailed information supplied by forest products companies, wood dealers, loggers, consultants, and landowners.  

Every piece of data goes through a rigorous validation and standardization process, so you can rest assured that all the information in the system has been vetted for accuracy. 


SilvaStat360's Unique Value


Why Choose SilvaStat360


Access Pricing Data

View and download current and historical trend/time series data on all component prices. 


Unmatched Expertise

Leverage our depth of experience and intimate knowledge of regional timber markets for real-world insights into market drivers. 


Gain Efficiency 

Negotiate raw material and residual price changes with market-based transaction data, and gain efficiency in raw material acquisition. 


Improve Performance 

Compare your performance against competitors with access to global benchmarking data. 

Maximize Your ROI

Whether you’re buying or selling, ensure you’re getting the most value out of every transaction.


Adapt For Success

Leverage deep industry data to improve productivity, lumber recovery, and superior grade yields in a highly competitive market. 


Leveraged Consulting

Secure your strategic advantage.

We specialize in leveraged consulting, helping clients quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies before making significant investments.

Our experts provide insights and solutions to address our client's challenges with speed and effectiveness.

ResourceWise excels at helping customers optimize their businesses for environmental and financial success.

Our customized consulting solutions address unique business challenges.

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