Regulations and Mandates

Navigate the complex landscape of government policy.

Governments worldwide are implementing regulations that reduce carbon emissions, and commodity markets are pressured to comply with an ever-increasing catalog of rules and mandates.

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Ensure successful compliance with regulations and mandates. 

Global commodities are shifting from fossil fuels to renewables. Countries are implementing strict guidelines to meet carbon emissions reduction goals and mitigate climate effects, with constant revisions and updates. Doing business responsibly means it is essential to ensure compliance with evolving laws and requirements.

In the EU, several mandates have been implemented to help meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) enacted new regulations and incentives to reduce greenhouse emissions from fuels and processes in the US.

Global Commodity Industries Compliance

Compliance and access to policy information allow your business to pivot and adapt to changing requirements and take advantage of incentives. 

  • Understand how mandates and regulations apply to your organization
  • Plan and strategize for new and changing laws
  • Qualify for incentives
  • Prevent obstacles and business disruptions

Stay on top of changes in regulations and mandates.

ResourceWise specializes in forest products, chemicals, biochemicals, and renewable fuels. With expertise in each of these areas, we are uniquely positioned to help companies navigate the legislative environment.


US Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) legislation, enacted in 2005, provides incentives for companies producing biofuels from specific forest-based feedstocks. Producing fuels from these feedstocks can be more expensive, so these incentives are key to making these fuels commercially viable. Our RFS2 models are used by companies to ensure they are in compliance with feedstock requirements, allowing them to stand up biofuels production facilities.


Pulp and paper mills are biorefineries, producing “waste” streams that include crude tall oil and lignin, which are feedstocks for biofuels. New legislation in the US also incentivizes oil companies to purchase biogenic carbon and store it in spent oil fields. ResourceWise has decades of experience in the pulp and paper industry, we help companies identify opportunities in the renewable fuels space that improve their commercial viability and their carbon footprints.


Prima CarbonZero offers an interactive map that allows you to quickly track global biofuel mandates across Europe and North America, providing all the critical information you need in one convenient location. In addition, CarbonZero can be used to track carbon markets, including pricing for US RINs and EU Tickets.


Orichem360’s Biomaterials coverage provides insight into biochemical feedstocks and biochemicals, including expert commentary and updates on current and emerging regulations. For wood-based biochemicals, insight into supply, demand and price as well as applicable regulations are used by chemical producers interested in renewable sources of chemicals.  

Learn how we can help your business stay up to date with new mandates and regulations in your industry. 

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