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Obtain a comprehensive and strategic roadmap to success with tailored consulting services from ResourceWise.

Daily decisions can have far-reaching implications in capital-intensive commodity industries.

Unlock tremendous advantages in efficiency, productivity, profitability, and sustainability with a more purposeful approach to asset utilization. 

Trust in our proven methodologies and industry knowledge to optimize your business outcomes.

Our experts help you:  

  • Get real-time insights, tailored to meet your needs.
  • Make confident decisions with a deeper understanding of market trends, drivers, and business impacts. 
  • Adapt to seize new opportunities and maximize ROI and profitability. 

Secure a Strategic Advantage

We specialize in leveraged consulting, helping clients quickly understand their competitive positions and develop asset optimization strategies before making significant investments. 

Get Faster, More Effective Results

Our team of global researchers, modelers, database designers, industry experts, and business analysts ensure that our intelligence is robust and comprehensive. We provide valuable insights and solutions to address challenges, delivering on our commitment with speed and effectiveness.

Impactful Work from Day One

Traditional consulting projects require substantial research and data-gathering before the analytical work can begin. Our approach allows us to dive into substantive work from day one by leveraging a wealth of data and analytical models available in our business intelligence platforms.

Why Choose ResourceWise Consulting

Depth, breadth, and credibility. Our propriety transaction-based data is unmatched in the market. 

Objectivity and accuracy. High-quality assessments are guaranteed through our independent, third-party position, coupled with our access to extensive high-quality data. 

More than 260 years of operational experience. Our consultants and analysts bring a wealth of industry knowledge and a commitment to delivering value. 

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Strategize for success with ResourceWise consulting.

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How We Deliver

We support a wide range of business decision making through our customer-centric, results-focused consultancy. Our specialties include:

  • Asset evaluation 
  • Competitor benchmarking 
  • Due diligence for proposed investment projects 
  • Environmental audits
  • Supply and demand analysis and price forecasting
  • Market entry support 
  • Modeling and risk assessment 
  • Raw material procurement supply strategy 
  • Investment strategy 
  • Market assessment 
  • Merger and acquisition review process support
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Policy interpretation and explanation 
  • Price/margin evaluation and forecasting 
  • Supply chain optimization 
  • Viability analysis

We Address Unique Business Challenges


Address your unique, complex, and ever-evolving business challenges by partnering with our experienced consultants and analysts who leverage the comprehensive data and analytic models that come with our platforms. Our consulting team is known for their extensive industry expertise throughout the global pulp and paper, forest product, chemical, and renewable fuel markets. 

Examples of ResourceWise consulting projects include: 

consulting-icon-transparencyCross-Commodity Consulting

Secure your strategic advantage.

ResourceWise is a leading provider of cross-commodity strategic consulting services, leveraging extensive data and expertise across forest products, chemicals, and low-carbon fuels and feedstock landscapes. Wherever commodity markets intersect, ResourceWise excels at helping customers optimize their businesses for environmental and financial success. 

Our team specializes in: the use of chemicals in the manufacturing of pulp and paper, wood-based feedstocks for low-carbon fuels like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and strategizing a path to decarbonization for your business, manufacturing operations, or transport logistics.

Our customized consulting solutions address your unique business challenges.

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