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Image shows a SWOT analysis of raising inventory versus lowering inventories in volatile economic and political times

4 min read

New chemical industry imperatives: Expanding inventory & making supply chains robust

Factories need to keep inventory, to guard against delayed delivery of vital feedstocks or components. This is especially the case for chemical...

Image shows an infographic representation of the mass balance approach at varying points in the supply chain

4 min read

Circular Economy: Beyond recycle, reuse & reduce

Strategies key to the circular economy include circular supply chains, eco-design, reuse, recovery and recycling of resources. In Europe, the...

Image shows two bar charts of epoxy resin imports to the US and Europe from 2019 to 2021

6 min read

Retreat of Western investment in - and reliance on - China

For several decades until last year, China was regarded as the workshop of the world. Businessmen and women flocked there to have the production of...

image is an infographic showing how chemical recycling of plastic waste streams is worth 120 billion dollars

7 min read

Chemical recycling: Towards a circular economy

Worldwide, there are many endeavours to recover and recycle plastics materials. The first phase of such recycling has involved thermoplastic polymers...

Image shows snippets from printed versions of Caustic Soda ChemFocus and a screenshot of the online platform it offers in the 2020s

2 min read

Chlor-alkali webinar to draw on insight spanning five decades

Just as Tecnon OrbiChem consultants began preparing presentations for the Chlor-Alkali in 2022 webinar we are presenting in collaboration with ICIS,...

Image shows an animated nature scene and contains words of caution around scholarly articles on sustainability issues

4 min read

Compelling concepts to kick off a sustainability conversation

Cellulosics are increasingly finding their way back into the global textiles and fibre markets as reliance on fossil-based feedstocks begins to wane...

5 min read

Sustainability boost from promising profit: Concept to reality bio-PET

The largest PET producers reported extraordinary results in 2021 and Q1 2022. Along with improved profitability, all the companies provide extended...

Image is a schematic infographic showing the various bio-based routes to polycarbonates

3 min read

Polycarbonates from renewable hydrocarbons

It’s no secret that plant-based polycarbonate (PC) can be problematic. Not only does the plastic demonstrate complex technical properties, developing...

Image shows a venn diagram of biodegradable and biobased polymers and polymer family groups. Image credit. The association, EuropeanBioplastics

4 min read

Plastic Packaging Material That is Both Sustainable and Biodegradable

Ideally, plastic packaging should be both biodegradable and produced in a sustainable way, but this is rarely the case. Bio-PET is partially...

Image shows the different routes to develop biobased monopropylene glycol

4 min read

Biobased monopropylene glycol: The bumpy road to a decarbonised world

Monopropylene glycol (MPG) – often called simply propylene glycol – is essential to a wide range of products across a variety of industries and...

Image shows the chemical reactions for catalysing succinic acid from petrochemical-based feedstocks as opposed to a biobased route

5 min read

Biobased succinic acid: Is the sustainable route becoming economically viable once more?

A renewable technology hailed as revolutionary in the 2010s may emerge as a choice route to deliver key intermediate chemicals in the future. When...

Image shows a paintbrush overlaid on four pots of paint

4 min read

Sustainable routes to polyurethane

It could be considered one of the plastics world's most contradictory materials. Notoriously under-recycled due to technical difficulty, polyurethane...