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Graph showing PTA exports from China to India.

3 min read

India Halts Imports for Key Intermediate Chemical from China

Plastics, packaging, textiles and automotive manufacturers in India are currently prohibited from sourcing purified terephthalic acid from mainland...

A montage of the pages of a free-to-download eBook offering guidance on establishing sustainability goals.

4 min read

Putting Sustainability at The Heart of The Chemicals Sector

The International Energy Agency has set broad goals for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the 2050 benchmark. Cutting greenhouse gas pollution...

Aluminium cans for beverages, which are coated with the chemical bisphenol A on the inside.

5 min read

Bisphenol A Ban By The Back Door: The 21st Century Way

Despite being a key component of epoxy resins and polycarbonates, and an additive that makes unsaturated polyester resins stronger and resistant to...

A graph showing the volatility of global acetic acid prices between 2020 and 2023.

4 min read

Biobased Acetic Acid: Making a Key Chemicals Feedstock Sustainable

Acetic acid has been made by biobased routes for centuries, albeit in a dilute form. If wine or other alcoholic beverage made by fermentation is...

A montage of the free-to-download ebook showing each of its three pages.

7 min read

Chemicals Output in a Conflict-locked Post-Covid World

Earlier this year, BASF Chairman Martin Brudermüller warned that Europe was increasingly losing its chemicals sector competitive edge. His comments...

A graph line showing some of the spot and contract prices for maleic anhydride globally between 2013 and 2023.

2 min read

Maleic Anhydride Markets Globally at Mid-year 2023

The global maleic anhydride market continues to be under downward pressure in 2023 amid the economic slowdown. Like many other products in the...

A graph line showing United States chlorine price versus chlor-alkali plant utilization from 2014 to 2023.

3 min read

Chlorine And Derivatives Markets at Mid-year 2023

The markets for chlor-alkali have faltered during the first half of 2023, as projected in our early-year analysis of these markets. As predicted, the...

Graph of Turkey UPR exports, January to March 2023.

3 min read

Unsaturated Polyester Resins Markets: Looking to Q4 2023

As we reached the mid-point of last year, unsaturated polyester resin market participants in the US were surfing a relatively novel wave. While many...

Graph indicating global propylene price trends from January - June 2023.

3 min read

Plasticizers and Their Raw Materials: eBook of Mid-year Analysis

Plasticizer market participants and producers within the sector's supply chain – plus raw materials producers – began the year with breath baited....

4 min read

Orthoxylene & phthalic anhydride markets: Mid-year 2023

The Asia-focused supplement to our January 2023 blog post Orthoxylene - phthalic anhydride outlook for 2023 & year in review contained interviews...

Graph showing market change in TDI prices from 2015-2023.

2 min read

Global Isocyanates Markets 2023: Mid-Year Review

A whitepaper Tecnon OrbiChem published earlier in 2023 outlined the reasons why isocyanates markets had been seasonally quiet a year prior. Logistics...

Container ships docked at port with cargo containers

5 min read

How to Plan and Budget for Direct Materials Purchases

Budgets are financial plans that play a crucial role in the success and profitability of businesses. For companies that rely on raw materials as...