Business Intelligence Platforms

To fit your industry's unique needs. 

OrbiChem 360

Orbichem360 is your gateway to data-driven decision-making and strategic growth in the global chemical market.

Get unparalleled access to comprehensive data, insights, and insights, find business growth opportunities, and gain an understanding of complex global chemical supply chains. 

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Prima CarbonZero

Prima CarbonZero is an intuitive platform that delivers comprehensive data and expertise.  Designed for business leaders and analysts at organizations that produce, trade, and invest in low-carbon fuels and feedstocks. 

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FisherSolve is a comprehensive business intelligence platform for professionals in the pulp and paper industry, including producers, suppliers, investors, and regulators.

Get detailed information on every pulp and paper mill in the world. Access information on assets, production, operations, environmental flows, costs-of-production, carbon footprint, and much more. Available in 10 different languages. 

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SilvaStat360 is the one-stop solution for all your forest supply chain data needs, a convenient repository of datasets and analytical tools that are essential to your success in the industry.

Get extensive, on-demand timber market data, custom search filters with downloadable datasets, custom images, printable charts, regional timber market datasets allow for international indexing and global benchmarking, and transaction level datasets. 

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WoodMarket Prices 

WoodMarket Prices is a convenient, one-stop repository for the datasets and analytical tools imperative for success in the forest supply chain. The online platform includes price and trade data and trending market commentary on critical industry developments.

Data can be visualized and analyzed based on your exact needs. You can save custom search filters, download datasets and customized images, and print charts and graphs.

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Forestat Global

Our latest business intelligence platform delivers market data and analytics for the global forest products industry. From timberland, through the manufacturing process, to end-use markets, and for investors throughout the value chain, Forestat Global provides a comprehensive view of forest products markets, with no data contribution required.


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