The final white paper in the series A chemicals industry crystal ball leverages datasets from Tecnon OrbiChem's ChemForesight service to indicate price levels for the feedstocks acetone, propylene and EDC in West Europe, Asia or the US. 

With the help of our global team of consultants, we also unravel three major engineering thermoplastics markets in (hope and) anticipation of an uptick in demand early in 2023...

Graphs show price levels to 2024 for West Europe and the US alongside commentary prepared by our consultants based on regular interaction with a roster of producers, industry contacts and market participants.

Specifically, HDPE, polyacetal (POM) and PBT are under focus in this last white paper of the series. The latter polymer is the subject of a blog post published earlier this month Engineering plastics for high voltage automotive applications

And earlier this year, Tecnon OrbiChem business manager William Bann explored how a series of acquisitions and divestments were changing the market in the blog post Big brands pivot to engineering thermoplastics potential

White paper Part 4

The fourth white paper of the series includes commentary, graphs and price level forecasting for polyamide, caprolactam, polypropylene and polyurethanes feedstock MDI. A range of plasticisers – namely DIDP, DPHP and DINP – are included in the analysis.

White paper Part 3

A trio of chemicals key to the manufacture of PET packaging – purified terephthalic acid (PTA), isophthalic acid (PIA) and ethylene glycol (also known as monoethylene glycol) – feature in the third white paper of our series.

Part 3 also explores mixed xylenes, diethylene glycol (DEG),adipic acid,n-Butanol, propylene oxide,epichlorohydrin (ECH) and monopropylene glycol (MPG).

The manufacture of MPG used in food & beverages, plastics, liquid detergents, paint, antifreeze as well as pharma and cosmetics consumes in excess of two billion pounds (lbs) per year of petroleum.

Earlier this year we explored biobased routes in our blog post Biobased monopropylene glycol: A bumpy road to a decarbonised world.

White paper Part 2

Key polyurethanes feedstock 1,4-Butanodiol (BDO) as well as benzene, toluene and methanol feature in the second white paper. As with prior iterations in the series, there is commentary plus graphs showing price levels from 2018 to December 2022 and predicted to 2024.

The second white paper also focuses on styrene, ethylene oxide and acetic anhydride.

White paper Part 1

Our first white paper in the series explored the chemical families of phenol, chlor-alkali and caustic soda and key polyurethanes raw material TDI.

The monomer methyl methacrylate (MMA), PET, acrylonitrile, acetic acid, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), ethylene and maleic anhydride.

Datasets used to produce the graphs in these white papers are available to subscribers of our chemicals business intelligence platform OrbiChem360 24/7.

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