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Image is a schematic infographic showing the various bio-based routes to polycarbonates

3 min read

Polycarbonates from Renewable Hydrocarbons

It’s no secret that plant-based polycarbonate (PC) can be problematic. Not only does the plastic demonstrate complex technical properties, developing...

Image shows a venn diagram of biodegradable and biobased polymers and polymer family groups. Image credit. The association, EuropeanBioplastics

3 min read

Plastic Packaging Material That Is Both Sustainable and Biodegradable

Ideally, plastic packaging should be both biodegradable and produced in a sustainable way, but this is rarely the case. Bio-PET is partially...

Image shows the different routes to develop biobased monopropylene glycol

4 min read

Biobased Monopropylene Glycol: The Bumpy Road to a Decarbonized World

Monopropylene glycol (MPG) – often called simply propylene glycol – is essential to a wide range of products across a variety of industries and...

Image shows the chemical reactions for catalysing succinic acid from petrochemical-based feedstocks as opposed to a biobased route

5 min read

Biobased Succinic Acid: Is the Sustainable Route Becoming Economically Viable Once More?

A renewable technology hailed as revolutionary in the 2010s may emerge as a choice route to deliver key intermediate chemicals in the future. When...

Image shows a paintbrush overlaid on four pots of paint

4 min read

Sustainable Routes to Polyurethane

It could be considered one of the plastics world's most contradictory materials. Notoriously under-recycled due to technical difficulty, polyurethane...

Exponential growth of cellulose staple fibers since the start of the new millennium.

4 min read

Cellulosic Fibers - A World of Opportunity

Worldwide demand for fibers has strongly mirrored GDP for many decades. Having closely monitored markets since 1975, Tecnon OrbiChem predicts a...

Selection of pictures showing 3D printing materials granulate, powder, filament and liquid.

6 min read

3D Printing - Additive Manufacturing - Rapid Prototyping

Additive manufacturing (AM) – or 3D printing – is a technique for producing solid objects by arranging particles in space via a computer-controlled...

Image is a diagramatc representation of a pioneering method for producing ethylene using methane

3 min read


Ethylene (C2H4) is a key chemical for producing a huge range of chemicals, polymers and plastics. Much of the world’s C2H4 demand is met via the...

BMW featuring a lightweight passenger compartment made of a high-strength carbon-fibre reinforced composite (CFRP).

4 min read

Composites Markets in a Changing World

Encapsulating a building in popcorn may sound like a crazy way to boost energy efficiency... But researchers at Göttingen University’s Faculty of...

Containers at a shipping port for chemical transport.

3 min read

Chemical Industry Forecasts - Long and Short-Term

Tecnon OrbiChem founder Charles Fryer's predictions for the chemical industry from 2022 onwards. The chemical industry endured many problems in 2020...

Brown shirt that was made from sustainably sourced materials from the chemical industry.

3 min read

Sustainable Feedstock for an Ethical Fashion Industry

Fabrics and textiles made from the naturally occurring polymer cellulose are breaking ground in the move towards sustainable fashion. With the...

2 min read

Innovation in Pyrolysis Picks up Pace in Q4 2021

The potential for pyrolysis to tackle waste and increase circularity in plastics industries moved closer to reality yesterday (23 November). Shell...