ResourceWise provides data, analytics, and consulting services for a robust range of natural-resource-based commodity industries, including forest products, low-carbon feedstocks and fuels, and chemical industries.

An advertising image for an event which shows the photographs of the team attending from ResourceWise and text about the event as well as a map of the venue's location.

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Expert Team for APIC 2024: Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference

The last time our team convened with chemicals industry experts and market participants at the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference was 2019. This...

Infographic showing how sustainable chemicals can be manufactured.

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Sustainable Trade Europe: Internal Carbon Price and Raw Materials

The European Union is imposing a raft of new reporting responsibilities which are set out in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Three instances of animated microorganisms and microbes used in surfactants seen at microscopic level.

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Boost in Biosurfactants Output Supports Sustainable Goals

The production of surfactants by combining biomass and microorganisms – such as bacterial agents – is an innovation that is increasingly gaining...

The entrance to the Grand Hotel Wien in Vienna.

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EPCA Annual Meeting Tecnon OrbiChem Team of Ten Announced

One of the leading petrochemicals events in the calendar is almost upon us. Petrochemical refiners, products manufacturers and downstream consumers...

Senthuran Raviraj takes centre stage at the 26th World Chlor-Alkali Conference in Singapore in June 2023.

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Caustic Soda Endures 'Cost & Freight' Premium, but for How Long?

Chemical tanker availability is thought to be elevating the cost of caustic soda transportation this year, with little relief envisaged in the...

Graph showing PTA exports from China to India.

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India Halts Imports for Key Intermediate Chemical from China

Plastics, packaging, textiles and automotive manufacturers in India are currently prohibited from sourcing purified terephthalic acid from mainland...

Headshots of the three speakers that will explore low carbon fuels and feedstocks at the AFPM breakfast event.

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Transforming Fuels & Feedstock: Old Carbon to Low Carbon - AFPM Talk

What do chemicals, forestry and renewable fuels value chains all have in common? Well, we've selected a trio of thought leaders to tell you......

Image shows a venn diagram of biodegradable and biobased polymers and polymer family groups. Image credit. The association, EuropeanBioplastics

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Plastic Packaging Material That Is Both Sustainable and Biodegradable

Ideally, plastic packaging should be both biodegradable and produced in a sustainable way, but this is rarely the case. Bio-PET is partially...

Chart showing the process of developing polycarbonates.

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Developing Renewable Polycarbonates: A Balancing Act

There are limited developments and commercialisation in the field of plant-based polycarbonates due to the complicated technical properties of the...

Employees attending the Zymergen NASDAQ opening event to celebrate being publicly traded.

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Rising Commercialization of Specialty High-Temperature Bio-based Polymers

As of 22 April, California, USA-based biofacturing company Zymergen began trading on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “ZY” and...

Windmill generating clean energy.

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UP Resin: A Ride on the Wild Side

It has been a wild rollercoaster ride for the European and US UPR markets since September and October last year. The wheels were first set in motion...

Example of a forest for harvesting woody biomass for feedstock to develop chemicals.

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Pine-Based Chemicals Market Update

Kraton Corporation announced on 17 February a general price increase of 10% across its entire pine chemicals and alpha methyl styrene (AMS) resins...