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Forest with mist at dusk.

Wood Markets (2)

2 min read

Chinese Demand Drove Global Trade of Hardwood Chips Higher in Early 2022

In 2021, the world’s shipments of wood chips reached almost 35 million m3, close to the highest on record. Significant expansion of pulp capacity in...

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Several recently cut softwood trees lying in a field after harvest.

2 min read

Sawlog Supply Tight in US South with Long-Term Opportunities Ahead

The US South’s softwood industry has enormous potential for a variety of reasons. The region has a significant forest resource with room for...

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3 min read

Are Southern Log Prices Finally Catching up to High Lumber Prices?

North American softwood lumber prices are once again creeping back near the record highs that were reached in 2Q2021. Forest2Market’s composite...

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Close-up of a felled tree in a logging operation.

1 min read

China: Big Changes in Hardwood and Softwood Imports with Russian Ban

China is the world’s largest importer of softwood and hardwood logs, and for many decades, Russia has been a significant log supplier for them. This...

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