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Polymers and Plastics

A line graph showing the price gap between paraxylene bought and sold in the United States compared to West Europe and Asia.

5 min read

Paraxylene Price Points: Forecasting from Firm Foundations

In today’s money, the first comprehensive world market paraxylene survey ever published would set a buyer back US$33,000. In fact, it was the...

A white plastic container bearing the words 'the future of plastics' positioned on top of a tree leaf on a table.

4 min read

The Graduate 2024: One Word 'Plastics', Now Two—Lignins and PEF

The famous line about “Plastics” from the 1967 film The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, continues to enjoy iconic status...

A running shoe that can be made in a one-shot injection mold process much like the Wellington Boot.

5 min read

Footwear Feedstocks Price Forecast: A Chemicals Cost Comparison

The footwear sector is huge – with as many as 24 billion pairs produced annually – but it is also quickly evolving. Whether we're talking raw...

A South Korean flag waves in the wind in the background of China's ensign.

3 min read

Chemicals Sector South Korea: Adapt or Dwindle Approach

South Korean petrochemical firms are adapting their business portfolios to combat oversupplied markets amidst a bearish demand for products.

Chemical fluids coloured pink and green in glassware on a black background with coloured shapes.

2 min read

Chemicals Industry Crystal Ball: Pricing Up Over 40 Chemicals to 2024

The final white paper in the series A chemicals industry crystal ball leverages datasets from Tecnon OrbiChem's ChemForesight service to indicate...

Close-up of multi-colored enigineering thermoplastic beads

5 min read

Can China’s Engineering Thermoplastics Markets Maintain Steady Recovery from Worst of Covid-19 Downturn?

Overview of China's Economic Landscape Amid COVID-19 China, like the rest of the world, has witnessed unprecedented upheaval due to the COVID-19...

Close-up of plasticizer entry in a dictionary

2 min read

Supply for Plasticisers in Europe Remains Snug but There are Challenges Ahead

2020 has been a very challenging year for European plasticizer producers. Following a terrible second quarter, as consumption, particularly in...

Polyamide 66, also known as nylon 66, molecular structure

4 min read

Polyamide 66 Value Chain Waiting for Signs of Recovery During COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every facet of daily life, leading to widespread economic hardship in every region. Some countries have...

3 min read

European Plasticisers Markets Struggle as Industry Players Fear the Recovery Will be Slow

While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the chemical industry worldwide, plasticizer markets have been particularly affected as the main...

Chemical manufacturing plant.

2 min read

Vinyls Remain the Bright Spot for US Chlor Alkali Producers

Vinyls (and specifically PVC) remain the bright spot amongst chlorine derivatives for US chlor-alkali producers. With exports of PVC accounting for...