Javier Rivera

Javier is responsible for Tecnon Orbichem’s Polyester (PET Resin, Glycols, EO & Derivatives) and Polyamide (Caprolactam and Polyamide 6 Resin) Consulting Services.

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Sustainability Boost from Promising Profit: Concept to Reality Bio-PET

The largest PET producers reported extraordinary results in 2021 and Q1 2022. Along with improved profitability, all the companies provide extended...

Graph showing the Global PET and raw materials market in 2022.

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Profitability in 2022: West Welcomes Sharp Improvement

There is exceptional profitability for products in the polyester chain in Europe and the US today. Heightened local prices and good profits are...

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Who is making money in the polyester chain? Changes and challenges in 2022

Depending on the origin and destination, the cost of freight today represents almost one-third of the cfr value/price of exports imports by America...

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PET Supplies Range from Tight to Short to Balanced to Long. Where Are You?

Supply limitations, logistic constraints and varying demand patterns have created different scenarios for PET in each region. The South American...

Production process using ethylene oxide.

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Ethylene Oxide, Glycols & Derivatives: What is happening in Europe and the US?

Good demand, but mainly supply limitations of ethylene oxide and derivatives have created unusual volatility and historically high prices for glycols...

Graph showing PET trends over time.

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What Does PET Need to Be Successful?

It seems feasible that the use of PET will continue to grow, but … should this happen at the cost of reducing fossil raw materials? The changing...

Graph showing regional tightness in MEG global overcapacity.

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MEG: Global Overcapacity, Regional Tightness - For How Long?

Everything that happened in 2020 was impossible to imagine, as is the current situation in the petrochemical industry, and glycols are no exception....

Chart indicating movement in the European Polyester chain.

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High Prices and Tight Markets for the European Polyester Chain

The concerns relating to the availability of PET in December, as European producers struggled to bring plants back online following scheduled...

Chart showing PET prices in 2020.

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PET in Latin America - Will High PET Prices Continue?

As we moved into the Q4 2020, outstanding demand of PET in the US has improved the performance of producers in America. Not only in the US and North...

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PET Negotiations: Trends for 2021

Negotiations for 2021 contractual deliveries continue in Europe and the US with unexpected issues modifying the positions of sellers and buyers....

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What Future for Coal-To-Meg and Bio-Meg in a Low-Cost Brent World?

Since the start of 2020, we have seen Brent crude oil futures fall from just under $70/bbl to $23/bbl. MEG values followed, plummeting from $608/ton...

Close-up of synthetic fibers.

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Demand Found Sadly Lacking as Chinese Synthetic Fibers Emerge from Lock-Down

The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting disruption to economies around the world has had a major impact on global synthetic fibers demand – with a...