Hira Saeed

Vivid green lighting reflects off chemical plant storage tanks located beside renewable energy sources at night.

4 min read

Sustainability in the European Chlor-alkali Industry

Historically, the chlor-alkali process is one with numerous environmental and health concerns since the diaphragm cell process and mercury cell...

Section of a chlor-alkali cell.

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Chlor-Alkali: 2021 Review and Outlook for 2022

This year has been a very turbulent year for the chlor-alkali industry with several weather-related and supply chain issues. They have affected the...

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When Will The Global Shortage of Caustic Soda Ease?

The market has tightened substantially since Hurricane Ida hit the US in August. Demand for caustic soda has recovered faster than expected, however,...

Construction site featuring a housing start.

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Phthalic Anhydride - When Will the Supply Issues in the Market Ease?

In the past few months, strong demand has been seen in phthalic anhydride, supported by a strong construction industry, with good downstream demand...

Examples of household supplies that can be made using caustic soda.

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Caustic Soda Market Reverses in the Wake of US Winter Storm

The demand for caustic soda has gradually been recovering following a low point seen in Spring 2020. Currently, across much of the world, demand is...

Close-up of a car engine.

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Outlook For the Orthoxylene & Phthalic Anhydride Market For 2021

The orthoxylene market has had a strong start to 2021, where the US and Europe have both seen healthy demand and prices have shown increases. Demand...

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Post-Covid-19 Changes in Caustic Soda Trade Flows in the US

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for caustic soda was firm, with most sectors showing steady growth over the past few years. However, when the...

Photo of a chemical refinery with cloudy skies

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Orthoxylene Markets Hang in the Balance as COVID-19 Reaches New Peak

In Europe and the US, the outbreak of COVID-19 was delayed compared with Asia as the regions did not enter lockdown until March. Demand was steady,...