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A World Chlor-Alkali Conference in Energy Turbulent Times

A World Chlor-Alkali Conference in Energy Turbulent Times

Planning and preparation for the 27th World Chlor-Alkali Conference is in hand. ResourceWise (formerly Tecnon OrbiChem) and partner I•C•I•S, who inaugurated the event together in the 1990s, are finalizing the agenda as we write. 

It will occur at The Parkroyal Collection Pickering Hotel on Upper Pickering Street, close to Singapore's central business district.

It will once again unite the industry's leading experts and decision-makers in discussing the latest developments and challenges facing the vital caustic soda, chlorine, and derivatives markets.

Exploring Chlor-Alkali's Far-reaching Commodities

As a chemicals market sector that impacts every industry worldwide, either directly or indirectly, chlor-alkali's two major chemicals, caustic soda and chlorine, are essential commodities.

And therein lies a unique challenge. Finding the right balance between supply volume and demand requirements of both end-user markets is a key challenge. That duality is one thing that makes this 27-year-old conference so important.

Market-oriented conferences on chlor-alkali subjects were initiated in 1980 by one of the world's oldest petrochemicals consultancies—Tecnon OrbiChem (now ResourceWise)—in London, UK.

As the new millennium approached, that relatively small event became the Asia Chlor-Alkali Conference. It was later renamed the World Chlor-Alkali Conference. 



Day One – 27 June

       08.00 Registration & Refreshments 
       09.00 Welcome speech
09.10 Key Trends Shaping the Global Economy

brian-tan-barclaysBrian Tan is a Senior Regional Economist at Barclays. In his presentation he will consider the ever-changing geopolitical landscape.

What are the key impacts on trade globally?

Tan will share his insight on matters of economic recovery. He will outline what business leaders should expect now and as we look to the future of the global economy in 2024 and beyond.

09.40 Setting the Scene: Global Chlor-Alkali Market Overview
Hira Saeed_small 

An overview of the regional variations seen in chlor-alkali industry trajectories by experts from conference co-organizer Tecnon OrbiChem—a ResourceWise company.

Tecnon OrbiChem's Senior Consultant Hira Saeed (pictured right) will explore outlooks and focus on developments in US and European markets.

Her presentation will demonstrate the differences in demand projections for caustic soda and chlorine and changing supply scenarios.

Carol LiWhile Saeed will consider key chlor-alkali-related issues and outline challenges and investment opportunities from western perspectives, the ensuing presentation from Tecnon OrbiChem's China-based Senior Consultant Carol Li (pictured left) will balance the geographical focus.

Exploring caustic soda and chlorine markets in both China and the wider Asian markets, their co-presentation is vital viewing. 

icis-chris-barker10.10 I•C•I•S-driven insight will come from the company's Senior Editor Chris Barker (pictured right)

10.25 Panel Discussion and Q&A Session

Saeed, Li, and Barker will join a post presentations panel discussion and Q&A session during which delegates will have an opportunity to ask each of them direct questions. 

10.40 Networking refreshment break

Regional Updates

Head and shoulders business photograph of Kelly Coutu who will speak at the World Chlor-Alkali Conference in June.

11.10 Changing global trade flows and geopolitical scenarios: Looking at the impacts on US market’s supply and demand framework and PVC

Kelly Cotou, Director PVC, I•C•I•S, will consider how markets have been disrupted by recent events in the world political arena. 


11.40 Current Status and Trends of the Chlor-alkali Industry in China 

Head and shoulders business photograph of Doris Li who will speak at the World Chlor-Alkali Conference in June.

Doris Li is Senior Strategy Expert at the Chlor-Alkali Business Unit of BEFAR Group.

She specializes in strategic development and international business expansion.

Li is also assigned to the China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association.

In her role at the association, Li researches global development and trends of the chlor-alkali industry chain.


12.10 Developments in India’s chlor-alkali industry

Ankur Singh DCM DCM Shriram's VP and Head of Strategy Chemicals Business Ankur Singh (pictured left) will explore what India can offer the chlor-alkali sector.

He will outline India's unique framework for contributing to this sector and consider how the country can create a more balanced caustic soda and chlorine value chain.


12.40 Lunch & networking

14.00 Powering electric vehicles: Caustic soda and future mobility

Alison Saxby is the Research Director at critical minerals and energy transition consultancy Project Blue. She is also an Independent board member at Pensana PLC, a UK-based company which is constructing a mine for magnet metals for electric vehicles (EV) and offshore wind turbines.

A head and shoulders business photograph of Alison Saxby who is an electric vehicle and caustic soda expert.This combination helps Saxby draw on her knowledge of critical materials to inform the sustainable transport sector on materials key to its goals. 

Saxby will explore how caustic soda can help usher in a sustainable transportation revolution. The critical minerals used in lithium-ion batteries in EVs rely on caustic soda for production processes. 

How is demand for caustic soda evolving as the automotive sector transitions to a Net Zero future? This presentation will include:

  • The current and future demand for EVs and battery technologies driving the industry 
  • Production of lithium hydroxide for use in lithium-ion batteries, used in EVs
  • Production of critical minerals such as graphite, cobalt and nickel used in Lithium-ion batteries
  • Production of rare earths used in wind turbines and magnets for EVs 
  • Production of alumina to make aluminum—the light-weighting metal for EVs—along with a minor use as battery foils

14.30 Asian PVC markets, a closer look: Global influence and regional changes

Head and shoulders business photograph of Jonathan Chou who will speak at the World Chlor-Alkali Conference in June.I•C•I•S Markets Editor Jonathan Chou considers the global influences and regional changes in chlor-alkali markets

  • Key change influencers of PVC supply and demand
  • International and regional PVC trade flows and their influence in defining the Asian PVC market
  • Exploring how factors, such as volatile power costs, or policy matters are impacting Asia’s PVC post-pandemic market
15.00 Networking refreshment break
15.30 Key trends and future drivers of the alumina market
Allison-JuAllison Ju, Senior Business Development Manager, Shanghai Metals Market
  • A comparative analysis: Caustic soda demand per bauxite quality
  • What are the implications of sustainability on alumina demand?
  • Looking at key factors critical to the future of alumina market 
16.00 Pulp and paper industry

Matt-Elhardt_20211123In the coming years, 70 million tons of new pulp and paper capacity is poised to come onstream.

As businesses prepare, ResourceWise Chief Revenue Officer Matt Elhardt explores the global landscape, innovation, and prospects for growth. 

How will changes in core pulp and paper markets—packaging, tissue, and towels—impact the chlor-alkali sector? 

16.30 Closing remarks followed by a drinks reception


Day TWO – 28 June

09.00 Reconvening remarks

09.10 Mapping opportunity amid uncertainty: Insight into energy and electricity 
  • Delving deeper into the energy scenario: How is the current landscape changing?
  • Impact of changes in the energy sector on electricity
  • Asian market perspective: What should we expect?

A headshot of Worold Chlor-alkali speaker Mike Thomas from the Lantau Group.Lantau Group Managing Director Mike Thomas will map the opportunities presented amid current chlor-alkali sector uncertainties. 

Thomas's talk will be a must for chlor-alkali sector market participants eager to find out how the landscape has evolved since Tecnon OrbiChem and the Lantau Group collaborated on the groundbreaking study—Benchmarking of the Chlor-Alkali Plants in China—previewed here.


09.40 An update on salt markets and an overview of the industry

Head and shoulders business photograph of Gerrit Goedecke who will speak at the World Chlor-Alkali Conference in June.Gerrit Goedecke, Managing Director at K+S Salt Australia, will outline what the industry needs to know about salt.

  • What are the key trends driving the salt industry today?
  • How does salt quality affect the chlor-alkali production?


10.10 Sponsored content: Innovations in Production: Design, Construction, and Operation of Modern Chlorine Facilities—Arun Singh Tyagi, General Manager – Marketing, Nuberg

Sustainability and the chlor-alkali sectortecnip marc manyeres

11.00 Technip's Licensing Manager Marc Manyeres presentation is entitled 'Creating efficiencies through technology and innovation'.

He will highlight the company's expertise in biobased epichlorohydrin production and brine treatment. 

Manyeres' presentation will outline the efficiencies Technip and its customers have achieved through technology and innovation. 

11.30 Panel discussion: Exploring sustainability and the wider chlor-alkali sector

Panel chair will be Tecnon OrbiChem's Senior Consultant Hira Saeed who will be joined by I•C•I•S Markets Editor Jonathan Chou and the Lantau Group's Mike Thomas.

  • Green caustic soda—how can it drive carbon neutrality?
  • Powering chlor-alkali production with hydrogen and clean energy: What to expect?
  • How is industry contributing to the global drive towards sustainability?

12.10 - 14.00 Chair’s closing remarks followed by lunch

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