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Crude oil refinery.

4 min read

Maleic Markets Reel as Feedstocks Prices Drop and Demand Falters

As crude oil and all related markets fell with shocking speed in response to deepening fears over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the maleic...

1 min read

Cheap Crude Oil Helps Some Chemicals More Than Others

In the space of 11 weeks we have seen Brent crude oil prices fall from just under $70/bbl to $29/bbl. Lower crude oil prices are generally welcomed...

1 min read

MEG Rationalisation Expected - But Where, When and How?

Today’s MEG scenario reflects the different and difficult dynamics that will continue to impact and shape markets in the coming months and years.

3 min read

A New Decade of Optimistic Opportunities for the Renewable Chemicals Industry

The bio-based chemicals industry marks the end of a decade with a roller coaster ride. Only very few start-up companies were able to trudge through...

Chemical manufacturing plant.

2 min read

Vinyls Remain the Bright Spot for US Chlor Alkali Producers

Vinyls (and specifically PVC) remain the bright spot amongst chlorine derivatives for US chlor-alkali producers. With exports of PVC accounting for...