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A montage of the free-to-download ebook showing each of its three pages.

7 min read

Chemicals Output in a Conflict-locked Post-Covid World

Earlier this year, BASF Chairman Martin Brudermüller warned that Europe was increasingly losing its chemicals sector competitive edge. His comments...

Chart indicating movement in the maleic anhydride markets.

1 min read

Coronavirus Drives Wide Swings in Global Maleic Anhydride Market

Global maleic anhydride markets were booming in the last quarter of 2020 and the early part of the New Year. China was a little ahead of the curve...

1 min read

Maleic Markets Stumble Towards Recovery

Maleic anhydride markets around the world continue to reel in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has knocked out thousands of tonnes of...

1 min read

Post-Covid-19 Changes in Caustic Soda Trade Flows in the US

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for caustic soda was firm, with most sectors showing steady growth over the past few years. However, when the...

1 min read

Acrylonitrile in China

The first outbreak of COVID-19 broke out in China at the end of January as the whole country was preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival. The...

2 min read

As Covid-19 Shows No Sign of Abating, What’s in Store for the Acrylic Acid Market?

Nearly nine months after the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Wuhan, China, the pandemic has had a striking but varied impact on key downstream...

An illustration of a financial chart

4 min read

Global Markets Are Slowly Returning to Normal but Concerns Remain for the Rest of the Year

Like most petrochemical markets, the global UPR markets took a big hit following the global outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. European and US...

3 min read

Acetone: A Tale of Two Chemicals—Isopropanol and Phenol

Acetone has seen some dramatic lows and highs since 2018. Global supply has gone from huge oversupply to very tight in less than two years. During...

Close-up of multicolor synthetic resin granules with a dark background

1 min read

Synthetic Resins and Intermediates in the Circular Economy Post COVID-19: A SWOT Analysis

COVID-19 has changed everything. We don’t work, play, or study like we used to, and the destruction that has followed in its wake will require a new...

Polyamide 66, also known as nylon 66, molecular structure

4 min read

Polyamide 66 Value Chain Waiting for Signs of Recovery During COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every facet of daily life, leading to widespread economic hardship in every region. Some countries have...

3D rendering of a methyl isocyanate molecule

3 min read

Isocyanates Markets Fight Back After Months of Stagnation Due to COVID-19

Just as isocyanates started to see a light at the end of the tunnel after months of weakness, COVID-19 arrived and dampened any hope of growth....

1 min read

Working Toward A Circular Economy in Challenging Times: The Chemical Recycling Solution

The present moment is an unprecedented challenge; for the world of engineering thermoplastics, there has been a chance to serve the needs of key...