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Forest with mist at dusk.

Export Trends

2 min read

An Overview of the Rise in Sweden's Softwood Lumber Exports

Sweden's softwood lumber export sector is a bright spot despite an economy steeped in recession. Export sawmills are optimistic that demand from the...

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Harvested logs stacked in the Harz Forest of Germany.

3 min read

German Forestry News: Softwood Log Exports Drop 50% in Last 3 Years

Several important forestry updates out of Germany as the country’s softwood log trade shows substantial changes in recent years. This comes on the...

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Graph indicating the pulp and paper trade export market.

4 min read

How Does the Current Export Market Impact the Pulp and Paper Industry?

Trade and exports play a fundamental and intricate role in the global supply chain. It’s one of the key drivers of economic growth, development and...

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