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6 min read

How a US Gulf Coast Snow Flurry Roused Quiet Markets

Not enough years have passed for the Texas Big Freeze shockwaves to have fully exited the chemicals sector consciousness just yet. So severe was its...

A running shoe that can be made in a one-shot injection mold process much like the Wellington Boot.

5 min read

Footwear Feedstocks Price Forecast: A Chemicals Cost Comparison

The footwear sector is huge – with as many as 24 billion pairs produced annually – but it is also quickly evolving. Whether we're talking raw...

A graph showing the volatility of global acetic acid prices between 2020 and 2023.

4 min read

Biobased Acetic Acid: Making a Key Chemicals Feedstock Sustainable

Acetic acid has been made by biobased routes for centuries, albeit in a dilute form. If wine or other alcoholic beverage made by fermentation is...

1 min read

Acetic Acid Market Stuck in Supply-Side Doldrums

Supply and demand fundamentals are the main drivers for the global acetyls industry, and moving into the fourth quarter most of the attention is...

Graph showing acetic acid trends over time.

1 min read

Acetic Acid & VAM — The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

The impact of the historic winter storm that struck the US Gulf Coast in mid-February, which led to serious disruptions in the petrochemical and...