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Graph featuring 50+ years of habitat construction, US housing statistics by unit size.

7 min read

Chemicals Markets in Housing, Construction and Infrastructure Worldwide

At the risk of perpetuating a troubling 2023 trope, the construction sector is contradictory on a global scale right now. While growing populations...

Three new cars with their headlamps shining in a row.

6 min read

Is the US Automotive Sector Strike Impacting Chemicals Supply Chains?

The automotive sector is operating in a contradictory landscape at present. This year alone, it has been subject to pent-up demand driven by Covid,...

A running shoe that can be made in a one-shot injection mold process much like the Wellington Boot.

5 min read

Footwear Feedstocks Price Forecast: A Chemicals Cost Comparison

The footwear sector is huge – with as many as 24 billion pairs produced annually – but it is also quickly evolving. Whether we're talking raw...

Graph showing market change in TDI prices from 2015-2023.

2 min read

Global Isocyanates Markets 2023: Mid-Year Review

A whitepaper Tecnon OrbiChem published earlier in 2023 outlined the reasons why isocyanates markets had been seasonally quiet a year prior. Logistics...

Image shows a map of Ukraine and the surrounding countries

6 min read

Ukraine-Russia: Trade Impact Analysis Autumn 2022

Already high, volatile and uncertain gas prices – within Europe in particular – were exacerbated by the suspected sabotage of Baltic Sea gas pipes at...

Image shows Ukraine, Russia Belarus and some surrounding countries

7 min read

Chemical industry: Russia–Ukraine war impact analysis July 2022

Russian-origin raw material for unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) production is entering Turkey before sale to European buyers as end product....

Image shows a paintbrush overlaid on four pots of paint

4 min read

Sustainable Routes to Polyurethane

It could be considered one of the plastics world's most contradictory materials. Notoriously under-recycled due to technical difficulty, polyurethane...

Rows of solar panels generating alternative energy.

3 min read

Solar Energy Boom Sparks EVA Capacity Expansions

That the sun is capable of supplying enough solar power to meet all of earth’s annual energy needs by shining for just 90 minutes is a fact that...

OrbiChem360's tradeflow wheel.

6 min read

Polyurethanes & Intermediates: Healthy Demand Keeps Isocyanates Markets Strong

Demand for polyurethane (PU) feedstocks is high as construction projects ramp up requirements. That, and the increased consumer focus on comfort at...

Close-up of steering wheel in a car.

1 min read

Isocyanates Markets Begin to Stabilize in Some Regions as Supply is Restored

The North American MDI market is still tight as 2021 gets underway. Crude and pure MDI are heard to be short, even though operators have started to...

1 min read

Isocyanates: Ongoing Supply Issues Put Further Pressure On Markets

Isocyanates prices continue to firm as supply is disrupted and demand is strong. During October and November, supply in North America tightened...