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Graph featuring 50+ years of habitat construction, US housing statistics by unit size.

7 min read

Chemicals Markets in Housing, Construction and Infrastructure Worldwide

At the risk of perpetuating a troubling 2023 trope, the construction sector is contradictory on a global scale right now. While growing populations...

The Tecnon OrbiChem team enjoys some downtime at the 57th EPCA Annual Meeting in Vienna in 2023.

6 min read

Key Takeaways From a Premier Petrochemicals Event: EPCA Vienna 2023

Tecnon OrbiChem experts connected (and reconnected) with cohorts of petrochemicals-focused contacts cultivated over 50 years at the end of last...

A smiling yellow Rubber Duck with painted eyelashes - probably manufactured using a plasticiser - languishes in soap suds.

7 min read

Plasticizer Market Analysis 2023: An Overview

With the year 2023 now into its second half, plasticizer and oxo-alcohol markets remain relatively stagnant globally. Demand failed to pick up as...

Graph indicating global propylene price trends from January - June 2023.

3 min read

Plasticizers and Their Raw Materials: eBook of Mid-year Analysis

Plasticizer market participants and producers within the sector's supply chain – plus raw materials producers – began the year with breath baited....

Chemical fluids coloured pink and green in glassware on a black background with coloured shapes.

2 min read

Chemicals Industry Crystal Ball: Pricing Up Over 40 Chemicals to 2024

The final white paper in the series A chemicals industry crystal ball leverages datasets from Tecnon OrbiChem's ChemForesight service to indicate...

Image shows Ukraine, Russia Belarus and some surrounding countries

7 min read

Chemical industry: Russia–Ukraine war impact analysis July 2022

Russian-origin raw material for unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) production is entering Turkey before sale to European buyers as end product....

Rubber ducky in a bathtub with a blue background.

5 min read

An Investigation of Plasticizers in 21st Century Value Chains

When the world’s most successful company proclaims the removal of a contentious chemical from its portfolio, it’s wise to wonder if the world will...

Chemical manufacturing plant where plasticizers are manufactured.

1 min read

European Plasticizers Prices Skyrocket as Supply Issues Mount

Plasticizer supply in Europe has been gradually tightening since the start of the summer of 2020 but tightness has reached a new level in the past...