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PET Resin

Complication of pages from the eBook about feedstocks and chemicals supply chains.

4 min read

Feedstock and Chemicals Supply Chains: A 2024 Assessment

A flurry of chemical deals were signed and sealed at the start of the new year. In part, activity was triggered by fear that the US Gulf Coast chill...

A South Korean flag waves in the wind in the background of China's ensign.

3 min read

Chemicals Sector South Korea: Adapt or Dwindle Approach

South Korean petrochemical firms are adapting their business portfolios to combat oversupplied markets amidst a bearish demand for products.

Imports to the EU per origin country for PET used in plastic packaging.

1 min read

PET & Its Raw Materials: Outlook for 2023, & 2022 in Review

As we look to the PET sector's high season - Q2 2023 - market participants will be keen to lower the paraxylene cost disparity compared to Asia. It...

Image shows a SWOT analysis of raising inventory versus lowering inventories in volatile economic and political times

4 min read

New Chemical Industry Imperatives: Expanding Inventory & Making Supply Chains Robust

Factories need to keep inventory, to guard against delayed delivery of vital feedstocks or components. This is especially the case for chemical...

5 min read

Sustainability Boost from Promising Profit: Concept to Reality Bio-PET

The largest PET producers reported extraordinary results in 2021 and Q1 2022. Along with improved profitability, all the companies provide extended...

Graph showing the Global PET and raw materials market in 2022.

2 min read

Profitability in 2022: West Welcomes Sharp Improvement

There is exceptional profitability for products in the polyester chain in Europe and the US today. Heightened local prices and good profits are...

1 min read

PET Supplies Range from Tight to Short to Balanced to Long. Where Are You?

Supply limitations, logistic constraints and varying demand patterns have created different scenarios for PET in each region. The South American...

Graph showing PET trends over time.

1 min read

What Does PET Need to Be Successful?

It seems feasible that the use of PET will continue to grow, but … should this happen at the cost of reducing fossil raw materials? The changing...

Chart showing PET prices in 2020.

1 min read

PET in Latin America - Will High PET Prices Continue?

As we moved into the Q4 2020, outstanding demand of PET in the US has improved the performance of producers in America. Not only in the US and North...

1 min read

PET Negotiations: Trends for 2021

Negotiations for 2021 contractual deliveries continue in Europe and the US with unexpected issues modifying the positions of sellers and buyers....

1 min read

2020 Was Already a Challenging Year for Polyester

What is Covid-19 virus adding? In a previous promotion “What next for Polyester? What Is Changing in the Economy And Petrochemicals From 2019...