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Paper & Beyond: Insights on Pulp and Paper Market Developments in 2023

Paper & Beyond: Insights on Pulp and Paper Market Developments in 2023

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) is set to host its annual event, Paper & Beyond, from November 28 to 29, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. This two-day event will unite professionals from the pulp and paper industry, EU policymakers, and researchers, all with a shared goal: to propel the circular bioeconomy forward. Discussions will center around advocating for the creation of policy and market conditions in the European Union necessary to achieve a more sustainable and circular bioeconomy.  

This year’s Paper & Beyond boasts more than 60 speakers and an information-rich agenda with topics ranging from climate and energy policy to how to avoid greenwashing in pulp and paper.  

ResourceWise Session at Paper & Beyond: Pulp and Paper Market Developments 

Members of the ResourceWise team will attend Paper & Beyond presenting on pulp and paper market developments in 2023. Representatives from ResourceWise will include Matt Elhardt, VP of Global Sales; Marko Summanen, VP of Business Development, Forest Development, EMEA; Luis Sampaio, VP of Business Development, Europe; and Urban Lundberg, Senior Consultant.  

Their two-hour presentation will delve into: 

  • The global status and outlook of the forest vertical. 
  • The state of the pulp and paper industry by major grade. 
  • Forces that will impact the industry. 

Our team will also be available to set up meetings to delve deeper into the topics above and address any additional questions. You can also discuss how our business intelligence can help your company and provide you with the leverage needed to stay ahead of your competitors.  

To access additional details regarding attending the presentation, check out the complete schedule at paperandbeyond.edu. 

Empowering Success in the Pulp and Paper Industry 

As we look toward the new year, it’s imperative to evaluate the industry patterns we witnessed this year. This type of assessment will aid in shaping decisions and setting expectations for the future. While we cannot entirely eliminate uncertainty, we believe that structure drives behavior and outcomes. Therefore, understanding this structure becomes crucial in defining high-level decisions to ensure success. 

At ResourceWise, our in-depth analysis of industry patterns is made possible thanks to our proprietary database FisherSolve. With comprehensive details on every pulp and paper mill worldwide, we’re able to assess capacity trends, production data, environmental impacts, costs of production, and much more. Our objective? To empower you to make well-informed decisions and achieve maximum success in the industry.  

If you are unable to join us at the conference but are interested in learning more about how ResourceWise can help you prepare for the upcoming year in the pulp, paper, and forest products industry, explore our solutions page or contact us today. 

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