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Renewable Energy

Infographic showing how sustainable chemicals can be manufactured.

5 min read

Sustainable Trade Europe: Internal Carbon Price and Raw Materials

The European Union is imposing a raft of new reporting responsibilities which are set out in the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Headshots of the three speakers that will explore low carbon fuels and feedstocks at the AFPM breakfast event.

2 min read

Transforming fuels & feedstock: Old carbon to low carbon - AFPM talk

What do chemicals, forestry and renewable fuels value chains all have in common? Well, we've selected a trio of thought leaders to tell you......

Rows of solar panels generating alternative energy.

3 min read

Solar Energy Boom Sparks EVA Capacity Expansions

That the sun is capable of supplying enough solar power to meet all of earth’s annual energy needs by shining for just 90 minutes is a fact that...