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Petrochemical Products

Graph indicating EU PET imports from July 2017 - July 2023.

2 min read

PET Anti-dumping Update: Proposed Provisional Duties

On 31 October 2023, the European Commission communicated the latest details of its anti-dumping investigation into Chinese polyethylene terephthalate...

Graph featuring 50+ years of habitat construction, US housing statistics by unit size.

7 min read

Chemicals Markets in Housing, Construction and Infrastructure Worldwide

At the risk of perpetuating a troubling 2023 trope, the construction sector is contradictory on a global scale right now. While growing populations...

A running shoe that can be made in a one-shot injection mold process much like the Wellington Boot.

5 min read

Footwear Feedstocks Price Forecast: A Chemicals Cost Comparison

The footwear sector is huge – with as many as 24 billion pairs produced annually – but it is also quickly evolving. Whether we're talking raw...

British Petroleum (BP) petrol station logo over blue sky

1 min read

BP Deal Takes Ineos to Another Level

According to press statements from both companies, Ineos’s profile in the global petrochemical industry moved to another level on 29 June with the...

In this photo illustration the INEOS Group logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

3 min read

INEOS-BP Deal Signals Major Shift in Global Acetyls Markets

According to press statements from both companies, INEOS's profile in the global petrochemical industry increased to another level on 28 June with...

Someone pouring epoxy resin out of a jar.

3 min read

Epoxy Resins – A Market Full of Shocks and Surprises

March business in the US and Europe took everyone by surprise by remaining in rude health despite the global economic shock caused by Covid-19. It...

Crude oil refinery.

4 min read

Maleic Markets Reel as Feedstocks Prices Drop and Demand Falters

As crude oil and all related markets fell with shocking speed in response to deepening fears over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the maleic...

1 min read

Cheap Crude Oil Helps Some Chemicals More Than Others

In the space of 11 weeks we have seen Brent crude oil prices fall from just under $70/bbl to $29/bbl. Lower crude oil prices are generally welcomed...

2 min read

Coronavirus and Petrochemicals Markets – An Update on the News So Far

What has happened since early February?

1 min read

Novel Coronavirus and Chinese Petrochemical Markets – How to Anticipate the Unexpected?

What has happened so far? The novel coronavirus, a variant of the virus that caused SARS and MERS, was first identified in Wuhan in Hubei province,...