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Image shows Ukraine, Russia Belarus and some surrounding countries

7 min read

Chemical industry: Russia–Ukraine war impact analysis July 2022

Russian-origin raw material for unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) production is entering Turkey before sale to European buyers as end product....

Upward shot of a chemical manufacturing plant with sun shining through the top.

3 min read

The Need for Continued Investment in Oil & Gas Industry

As we close another year, it’s good to be reminded of the unceasing relevance of the petrochemicals sector and the oil and gas supplies that underpin...

Pipeline in an ammonia industrial plant.

2 min read

Ammonia Shortage Triggers Supply Chain Ripple Effect

South Korea’s urea supply crunch is a stark reminder of the value in supply chain diversification. With very little means of meeting its own urea...

2 min read

The natural gas price surge and its impact on chemical markets

Global natural gas prices surged throughout 2021 due to a combination of key maintenance works, fire outages at extraction and processing sites,...

1 min read

What Future for Coal-To-Meg and Bio-Meg in a Low-Cost Brent World?

Since the start of 2020, we have seen Brent crude oil futures fall from just under $70/bbl to $23/bbl. MEG values followed, plummeting from $608/ton...

1 min read

Cheap Crude Oil Helps Some Chemicals More Than Others

In the space of 11 weeks we have seen Brent crude oil prices fall from just under $70/bbl to $29/bbl. Lower crude oil prices are generally welcomed...