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Graph showing market change in TDI prices from 2015-2023.

2 min read

Global Isocyanates Markets 2023: Mid-Year Review

A whitepaper Tecnon OrbiChem published earlier in 2023 outlined the reasons why isocyanates markets had been seasonally quiet a year prior. Logistics...

Image shows a paintbrush overlaid on four pots of paint

4 min read

Sustainable routes to polyurethane

It could be considered one of the plastics world's most contradictory materials. Notoriously under-recycled due to technical difficulty, polyurethane...

1 min read

Bad Weather, Supply Shortages And Covid-19 Continue To Disrupt Isocyanates Markets

The MDI market in North America has been tight for some time and the situation has worsened after Ida hit the Gulf and proceeded to move inland....

Construction project on a new house.

1 min read

Outages and Raw Materials Shortages Keep Isocyanates Under Pressure

The North American MDI market continues to be disrupted due to raw material shortages and prices are still firming. Lack of supply availability, even...

Graph showing the propylene oxide market.

1 min read

Isocyanates - Supply Outages Continue to Disrupt the Markets

The North American MDI continues to be disrupted due to raw materials shortages and prices are firming once again. The surge in prices is due to lack...

A person wearing a white pair of shoes and balancing on their toes.

1 min read

Isocyanates Markets Are Tight Once Again Due to Supply Disruptions

The historically cold winter storm that struck the US Gulf Coast mid-February led to widespread shutdowns of petrochemical facilities and oil...

Close-up of steering wheel in a car.

1 min read

Isocyanates Markets Begin to Stabilize in Some Regions as Supply is Restored

The North American MDI market is still tight as 2021 gets underway. Crude and pure MDI are heard to be short, even though operators have started to...

1 min read

Isocyanates: Ongoing Supply Issues Put Further Pressure On Markets

Isocyanates prices continue to firm as supply is disrupted and demand is strong. During October and November, supply in North America tightened...

3D rendering of a methyl isocyanate molecule

3 min read

Isocyanates Markets Fight Back After Months of Stagnation Due to COVID-19

Just as isocyanates started to see a light at the end of the tunnel after months of weakness, COVID-19 arrived and dampened any hope of growth....

Close-up of an isocyanate molecule

3 min read

Isocyanates Markets’ Spring Shoots Frozen Out by Covid-19

Isocyanate markets improved in Q1 2020 but as the COVID-19 outbreak reached worldwide markets the picture changed once again. In previous years,...

2 min read

Making comfort and sleep more sustainable

Mass balanced mattress making As reported in The Tecnon OrbiChem Bio-Materials Chemfocus in January, Covestro has successfully commercialised its...