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Epoxy Resin

Three new cars with their headlamps shining in a row.

6 min read

Is the US Automotive Sector Strike Impacting Chemicals Supply Chains?

The automotive sector is operating in a contradictory landscape at present. This year alone, it has been subject to pent-up demand driven by Covid,...

The Tecnon OrbiChem team enjoys some downtime at the 57th EPCA Annual Meeting in Vienna in 2023.

6 min read

Key Takeaways From a Premier Petrochemicals Event: EPCA Vienna 2023

Tecnon OrbiChem experts connected (and reconnected) with cohorts of petrochemicals-focused contacts cultivated over 50 years at the end of last...

Aluminium cans for beverages, which are coated with the chemical bisphenol A on the inside.

5 min read

Bisphenol A Ban by the Back Door: The 21st Century Way

Despite being a key component of epoxy resins and polycarbonates, and an additive that makes unsaturated polyester resins stronger and resistant to...

Image shows a map of Ukraine and the surrounding countries

6 min read

Ukraine-Russia: Trade Impact Analysis Autumn 2022

Already high, volatile and uncertain gas prices – within Europe in particular – were exacerbated by the suspected sabotage of Baltic Sea gas pipes at...

Image shows a SWOT analysis of raising inventory versus lowering inventories in volatile economic and political times

4 min read

New Chemical Industry Imperatives: Expanding Inventory & Making Supply Chains Robust

Factories need to keep inventory, to guard against delayed delivery of vital feedstocks or components. This is especially the case for chemical...

Image shows two bar charts of epoxy resin imports to the US and Europe from 2019 to 2021

6 min read

Retreat of Western Investment in - and Reliance on - China

For several decades until last year, China was regarded as the workshop of the world. Businessmen and women flocked there to have the production of...

Image shows the different routes to develop biobased monopropylene glycol

4 min read

Biobased Monopropylene Glycol: The Bumpy Road to a Decarbonized World

Monopropylene glycol (MPG) – often called simply propylene glycol – is essential to a wide range of products across a variety of industries and...

2 min read

How will new capacities reshape the epoxy resin market in China?

Epoxy resins producers in China have been making good profits since Q4 2017 after a number of producers were shut down following environmental...

1 min read

Energy Cost Shock May Ripple Into 2022 Phenol Markets

Hopes that the global phenol prices were on a downtrend in Q4 were dashed in October as producers in the US and Europe announced plans to increase...

1 min read

Epoxy Resins Market Facing Further Headwinds In Q4 2021?

After a pleasant and stable summer, epoxy resins prices have started to creep up again in all regions. Supply remains snug; the whole value chain is...

Rows of windmills for generating alternative energy at dusk.

1 min read

Epoxy Resins – The Sky’s the Limit

Consumer sentiment may have plunged to its darkest depths at the end of Q1 2021 after a series of events led to a widespread shortage of...

1 min read

A Bumpy Ride for the Epoxy Resins Market as Prices Hit Record Highs

After an abysmal Covid-hit May-June, the epoxy resins market was relieved to see the first shoots of improving demand in July and August. However, by...