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Acrylic Acid

6 min read

How a US Gulf Coast Snow Flurry Roused Quiet Markets

Not enough years have passed for the Texas Big Freeze shockwaves to have fully exited the chemicals sector consciousness just yet. So severe was its...

Image shows a SWOT analysis of raising inventory versus lowering inventories in volatile economic and political times

4 min read

New Chemical Industry Imperatives: Expanding Inventory & Making Supply Chains Robust

Factories need to keep inventory, to guard against delayed delivery of vital feedstocks or components. This is especially the case for chemical...

1 min read

Tight Supply Keeps Asian Acrylic Acid And Acrylates Market On Its Toes

Across Asia, demand is picking up as the market for acrylic acid and acrylates is entering its peak season, although there are indications that the...

Chart showing the acrylic acid market.

1 min read

Acrylic Acid & Acrylates - When Can Buyers Put the Anguish Behind Them?

To say this year has proved a huge challenge for the acrylic acid and acrylates market would be a vast understatement. Buyers have faced a huge...

Close-up of acrylic paint.

1 min read

Global Butyl Acrylate Market Reels from Startling Price Surge

Shifting demand patterns, a string of production outages, and the consequence of low industry stocks have lifted butyl acrylate prices dramatically...

2 min read

As Covid-19 Shows No Sign of Abating, What’s in Store for the Acrylic Acid Market?

Nearly nine months after the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Wuhan, China, the pandemic has had a striking but varied impact on key downstream...

Close-up of acrylic acid molecule.

1 min read

European Acrylic Acid Suffers a Harsh Year – Where Next in 2020?

Nobody in the acrylic acid market could disagree that 2019 was a hugely challenging year which saw prices plummeting, and margins squeezed within a...