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Pulp and Paper Companies Make Strides in Creating Paper Alternatives (Clone)

Pulp and Paper Companies Make Strides in Creating Paper Alternatives (Clone)

Every single day, the pulp and paper industry continues to exceed expectations in prioritizing sustainability. From the introduction of numerous sustainable alternatives to an increasing number of companies joining carbon reduction initiatives and forming partnerships with major corporations, the industry is making significant strides towards creating a more sustainable environment.

Here, we have highlighted some of the latest developments within the pulp and paper industry that are driving the effort to achieve this goal.

Capri-Sun to Roll Out Stronger Paper Straws

Capri-Sun has announced that it will roll out stronger paper straws to its entire range in the first quarter of 2024. These FSC-certified straws, which Capri-Sun's team of packaging experts has developed, boast impressive features such as 36% more bending force resistance, 18% more compression force durability, and a staggering 42% increase in vertical compression resistance. These new straws will enhance customers' drinking experience and align perfectly with Capri-Sun's commitment to transitioning their entire UK range into fully recyclable packaging.

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Uber Eats Partners with Detpak to Develop Smaller-Sized Paper Bags for Deliveries in Australia and New Zealand

Uber Eats has teamed up with Detpak, a leading packaging manufacturer, to create compact paper bags, specifically designed for single or small meals, snacks, and individual drinks. With this, Uber Eats aims to enhance convenience and reduce waste. These eco-friendly bags are crafted from recycled paper, showcasing Detpak's commitment to sustainability. With this innovative solution, businesses can now save valuable storage space while also cutting down on delivery costs for smaller orders.

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Man delivering food in paper packaging.

Luxury Brand Hermes International Introduces Reusable Paper Envelope

Luxury brand Hermes International has unveiled a remarkable addition to its collection of exquisite stationery - a stunning reusable paper envelope. This luxurious envelope is delicately wrapped in silk and available in two sizes. "This keepsake can be sent as a special invitation or even a declaration of love. A long-lasting way to turn your records into beautiful memories," according to Hermes.

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Quaker Oats Moves to Paper Packaging Across Its Porridge Pot Range

Quaker Oats is significantly shifting towards sustainability by embracing paper packaging for its porridge pot range. This eco-friendly packaging initiative aims to eliminate the use of virgin plastic in porridge pots sold throughout the UK, resulting in a reduction of 200 tons of plastic waste each year. This latest endeavor is part of PepsiCo's ongoing commitment to prioritize health and sustainability through their transformative plan, PepsiCo Positive.

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Grocery Retailer Aldi Eliminates Plastic Shopping Bags at Its Stores

Aldi, the popular discount grocery retailer, has made a significant move towards sustainability by eliminating the option of plastic bags at checkout in all of its stores across the United States. Instead, customers can now purchase reusable cloth bags available in-store or opt for the retailer's own bags if they forget their reusable ones.

In addition to this eco-friendly measure, Aldi has also set a goal to use natural refrigerants in all of its U.S. stores by 2035, ensuring a healthier planet and optimal freshness for its products. With over 600 stores already implementing eco-friendly refrigerants, Aldi is taking proactive steps towards a greener future.

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A reusable grocery bag filled with produce.

Cascades Launches Sustainable Alternative for Hard-to-Recycle Produce Packaging 

Cascades has launched innovative and sustainable produce baskets to replace typical hard-to-recycle packaging. By utilizing recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard, Cascades is not only reducing the environmental impact of packaging but also meeting the growing demand for sustainability in the market. With two different models and four different sizes to choose from, these versatile baskets can effectively showcase a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including berries, tomatoes, and tree-grown fruits.

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Smurfit Kappa Offers Weather-Resistant Box to Transport Bees for Biobest

Smurfit Kappa has created sustainable packaging to transport bees for Biobest, a company involved in crop protection and pollination. Biobest approached Smurfit Kappa to design an insulated and weather-resistant box to replace the Styrofoam box used to transport live bumble bees. Smurfit Kappa provided sustainable packaging made from water-resistant AquaStop paper, including hexacomb fitments inside to protect and insulate insects.

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ITC Sunfeast Lead Biscuit Industry with Launch of 100% Paper-Based Packaging 

Indian snack giant ITC Sunfeast has introduced a new Sunfeast Farmlite digestive biscuit family pack featuring 100% paper-based packaging, marking a pioneering move in the biscuit industry.

The packaging design is both consumer-friendly and visually appealing. Ali Harris Shere, COO of ITC Foods, highlighted this initiative as part of the brand's dedication to sustainable packaging and aligns perfectly with ITC's broader "Sustainability 2.0" vision, aiming to create a circular economy for post-consumer packaging waste. The new packaging will be initially available on Flipkart and will later expand to other platforms and supermarkets.

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