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ResourceWise Releases ESG A-Z Guide, Updates Prima CarbonZero™ Platform with Simplified Regional and Industry Searching

ResourceWise Releases ESG A-Z Guide, Updates Prima CarbonZero™ Platform with Simplified Regional and Industry Searching

The A to Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape provides businesses with a firm foundation to begin the transition to a net-zero carbon future. Ongoing updates in the company's low-carbon fuels and feedstocks pricing and analytics platform, Prima CarbonZero, offer even more help for businesses to decarbonize their operations.

Charlotte, North Carolina — April 18, 2024 — Commodity price reporting and benchmarking agency ResourceWise has released a new product, the A to Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape. Alongside several updates and additions to its low-carbon fuels and feedstocks platform, Prima CarbonZero, the guide reflects the company's commitment to sustainability and supporting its customers through the transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting has quickly risen to priority status as mandates and regulative enforcement loom. Fuel blending requirements, global biofuel mandates, and other decarbonization factors already impact the value chain across all major industries.

As these regulations grow more stringent, businesses must assess their processes and adjust based on ESG considerations. Understanding how these regulations apply to their operations poses a significant challenge.

The A to Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape serves as a starting point for learning how these elements work. It emphasizes the importance of a strategic, measurable approach to sustainability.

The guide covers essential elements of ESG reporting, including concepts such as performance, financial and impact materiality, and the interplay between standards, frameworks, and principles. It also provides insights on how ESG considerations are moving—and how businesses can futureproof their operations to accommodate the changes.

Key to ESG success is the collection of accurate data and thorough analysis, which requires partnering with experienced commodity intelligence providers.

Prima CarbonZero from ResourceWise is a comprehensive tool for developing and implementing ESG strategies. The reports, insights, and pricing data collectively focus on decarbonization, a critical element in all ESG considerations.

ResourceWise has continued to invest in the platform with multiple new data sets and functions to help customers achieve their decarbonization goals. Refined searching and custom filtering have been implemented, allowing users to sort data by nineteen industries and four global regions. Fuel types can also be sorted by type: aviation, marine, and road.

Additionally, Prima CarbonZero recently added several new price indexes for emerging markets and fuel types. Five types of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) price models are tracked in the Carbon Mitigator report. Additionally, ResourceWise has partnered with bunkering price leader ENGINE to offer bio-bunkering pricing indexes across eight regions for maritime fuel data.

With ongoing platform improvements and data additions, ResourceWise has reinforced its company focus on sustainability and decarbonization for its customers. The A to Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape can help businesses define their goals and pursue grounded strategies. Alongside a subscription to Prima CarbonZero, businesses can get the support they need to ensure ongoing compliance with frequently shifting ESG regulations and laws.

The guide is available as a standalone purchase or as a bundle with a Prima CarbonZero subscription. Get a preview or contact sales to learn more about our A-Z Guide: ESG Reporting Landscape now.

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