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Which Major Companies Are Switching to Paper Alternatives?

Which Major Companies Are Switching to Paper Alternatives?

The pulp and paper industry is consistently being acknowledged for its strides in sustainability, marked by new innovations and initiatives. Each month brings us closer to a more environmentally-friendly economy, thanks to the efforts of stakeholders throughout the global pulp and paper supply chain. In light of this, we have curated some of the latest top stories that showcase these advancements and commitments to sustainability.

Amazon Moves to Recycled Paper Packaging to Avoid Plastic Air Pillows in North America

Amazon is making the switch from plastic air pillows to recycled paper packaging across North America. This eco-conscious decision was initiated at an automated fulfillment center in Ohio in October 2023, allowing the company to test and refine the transition process swiftly. With 95% of plastic air pillows already replaced by paper filler, Amazon is on track to eliminate plastic packaging by the end of 2024 completely. Read more: www.pbs.org

Pladis Lowers Carbon Emissions from Its Jacob's Cream Crackers Box with New Pack

Pladis has successfully reduced carbon emissions from its Jacob’s Cream Crackers box by introducing innovative new packaging that maintains its tamperproof seal. Partnering with DS Smith, they have created a packaging solution for Jacob’s Crackers Selection pack that significantly reduces plastic usage without compromising security. This eco-friendly pack boasts a 78% reduction in plastic, saving over 373,248kg of CO2 emissions, all while ensuring recyclability and maintaining high print quality standards. Read more: www.packagingeurope.com

Mondi Provides Water-Soluble SolmixBag for Transporting Cement to Cemex

Mondi has introduced SolmixBag, a sustainable solution for transporting cement to Cemex, a leading building materials company. Crafted from one-ply kraft paper, this eco-friendly bag is designed to efficiently carry dry cement, screed, and coarse pre-mixes while seamlessly disintegrating during the mixing process. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and puncture resistance, yet it dissolves upon contact with water in the cement mixer, seamlessly integrating with the cement itself. This groundbreaking solution is set to revolutionize construction practices on the Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca. Read more: www.mondigroup.com

Supermarket Chain Aldi to Use Eco-Friendly Wraps for Butter Packaging

Aldi is embracing eco-friendly practices by introducing sustainable wraps for its butter packaging. Starting in July 2024, Aldi will phase out the non-recyclable packaging of its block butter and transition to a new paper-based, recyclable wrap. This eco-conscious move will kick off with their esteemed Specially Selected West Country and Yorkshire butter collections, demonstrating Aldi's commitment to reducing plastic waste as part of their comprehensive sustainability strategy. Read more: www.yahoo.com

Pusterla Designs Presentation Boxes for WG&S Scotch Whisky Range of Wildmoor

Pusterla 1880, a packaging specialist, has expertly crafted presentation boxes for William Grant & Sons' latest line of blended Scotch whiskies under the Wildmoor label. With a rich history spanning six decades, WG&S has an impressive selection of aged whiskies, including 23, 30, and 40-year-old varieties. The Wildmoor range embodies the exceptional artistry of these whiskies and draws inspiration from the untamed wilderness. The boxes for the younger whiskies feature a convenient top opening, while the prestigious Black Mountain 40-year-old edition boasts a sophisticated front opening design. Sporting a striking all-black aesthetic, this box showcases a captivating landscape intricately created using a blend of white ink and CMYK colors. Complete with a luxurious leather pull tab and an embossed Wildmoor logo, these boxes for the younger whiskies prioritize sustainability by omitting plastics and magnets, ensuring they are fully recyclable. Read more: www.thepackagingportal.com

Shinsegae Duty Free to Replace Plastic Shopping Bags with Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

Shinsegae Duty Free has decided to remove plastic shopping bags starting in July 2024, opting instead for eco-friendly paper bags just in time for the peak overseas travel season. The sturdy large paper shopping bags will now weigh 175g, up from 120g, ensuring customers can transport their purchases with added safety and ease. This eco-conscious shift is set to replace 3.2 million plastic bags annually with sustainable paper alternatives, aligning Shinsegae Duty Free with a greener future. Read more: www.moodiedavittreport.com

UK Government Plans to Introduce 'Simpler Recycling' for Households

The UK Government is gearing up to roll out "Simpler Recycling" for households by 2026, streamlining the process for local authorities across England to collect a standardized list of recyclable materials. Despite some gaps in public awareness about this initiative, recent research indicates that consumers are eager to do their part: 80% actively verify if an item is recyclable by referring to local recycling guidelines or packaging labels, with 71% diligently following the recycling instructions provided on packaging. Read more: www.thepackagingportal.com

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