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Image shows a map of Ukraine and the surrounding countries

6 min read

Ukraine-Russia: Trade Impact Analysis Autumn 2022

Already high, volatile and uncertain gas prices – within Europe in particular – were exacerbated by the suspected sabotage of Baltic Sea gas pipes at...

1 min read

Energy Cost Shock May Ripple Into 2022 Phenol Markets

Hopes that the global phenol prices were on a downtrend in Q4 were dashed in October as producers in the US and Europe announced plans to increase...

Side of a phenol production plant.

1 min read

Phenol, Acetone & Derivatives - How Will New Capacities Impact the Value Chain in China?

From 2020 to 2022, there will be more than 2,100 ktpa of new phenol capacity that will come online together with 1,300 ktpa of acetone. During the...

Test tubes showing the process of making BPA.

1 min read

Bisphenol A — A Series of Unfortunate Events

Bisphenol A availability has been critically tight in all regions since the start of this year. Spot prices have soared to record highs over the last...