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Energy Prices

Rows of solar panels generating alternative energy.

3 min read

Solar Energy Boom Sparks EVA Capacity Expansions

That the sun is capable of supplying enough solar power to meet all of earth’s annual energy needs by shining for just 90 minutes is a fact that...

Pipeline in an ammonia industrial plant.

2 min read

Ammonia Shortage Triggers Supply Chain Ripple Effect

South Korea’s urea supply crunch is a stark reminder of the value in supply chain diversification. With very little means of meeting its own urea...

2 min read

The natural gas price surge and its impact on chemical markets

Global natural gas prices surged throughout 2021 due to a combination of key maintenance works, fire outages at extraction and processing sites,...

1 min read

Energy Cost Shock May Ripple Into 2022 Phenol Markets

Hopes that the global phenol prices were on a downtrend in Q4 were dashed in October as producers in the US and Europe announced plans to increase...

1 min read

Energy Policy in China and its Impact on some Chemicals Production

Energy is the latest and unexpected factor impacting petrochemical, chemical, and polymer industries in all regions of the world in Q4 2021....