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Carbon Emissions

A montage of the pages of a free-to-download eBook offering guidance on establishing sustainability goals.

4 min read

Putting Sustainability at The Heart of The Chemicals Sector

The International Energy Agency has set broad goals for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the 2050 benchmark. Cutting greenhouse gas pollution...

Headshots of the three speakers that will explore low carbon fuels and feedstocks at the AFPM breakfast event.

2 min read

Transforming fuels & feedstock: Old carbon to low carbon - AFPM talk

What do chemicals, forestry and renewable fuels value chains all have in common? Well, we've selected a trio of thought leaders to tell you......

7 min read

Carbon dioxide as a chemical feedstock: Realising the unimaginable

Chemicals & petrochemicals industry generated well over 2bn tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2016 – inclusive of its energy – says UK research...