Forest Product Experts 

Our dedicated and diverse group of professionals are driven to innovate, adapt and create reliable data-based business solutions to help modern businesses prosper in the global market.

Headshot of Hakan Ekstrom

Hakan Ekstrom

Special Advisor, Global Forest Products
Headshot of Gordon Culbertson, Special Advisor at ResourceWise.

Gordon Culbertson

Special Advisor, Forest Products
Headshot of Nancy Hasson.

Nancy Hasson

Director of Business Intelligence Consulting
Headshot of Jeremy Kessinger, Forest Products Consultant.

Jeremy Kessinger

Senior Consultant
Headshot of Urban Lundberg, Senior Consultant at ResourceWise.

Urban Lundberg

Senior Consultant
Headshot of Amy Chu, Senior Consultant at ResourceWise.

Amy Chu

Senior Consultant
Headshot of Wagner Montiero, Senior Consultant at ResourceWise.

Wagner Monteiro

Senior Consultant
Headshot of Steve Main, Senior Consultant for forest products.

Steve Main

Senior Consultant