Doris de Guzman

Senior Consultant
Bio-Materials & Intermediates

Doris joined Tecnon OrbiChem in 2013 as a senior consultant, covering chemicals and materials derived from renewable carbon. 

Doris is widely recognized as an initiator of Green Chemistry industry reporting, covering the sector for over 20 years. She provides expert analysis on a wide range of subjects, including Oleochemicals, Biopolymers, Industrial Biotechnology, Biofuels, and other renewable chemical products. 

Along with her other accomplishments, Doris is also the founder and author of the Green Chemicals Blog, established in 2007. 

In 2017, Doris joined the Biopolymers Expert Group of the Germany-based Nova Institute, which has been globally active in feedstock supply, techno-economic and environmental evaluation, market research, dissemination, project management, and policy for a sustainable bio-based economy. 

Doris holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. 

Headshot of Doris de Guzman, Senior Consultant for Chemical.